Commando is an underrated weapon Halo

Commando Rifle Halo Infinite — All You Need To Know

Commando Rifle is a versatile and powerful weapon in Halo Infinite’s vast arsenal of firearms. This weapon is a hybrid between an assault rifle and a designated marksman rifle, making it an ideal choice for mid-range combat situations. With its rapid-fire capabilities and accurate long-range shots, it is an excellent choice for players who want to take out enemies quickly and efficiently.

In Halo Infinite, it is an essential weapon that players should consider adding to their loadout. With its versatility, accuracy, and power, the Commando Rifle can be a game-changer in any combat situation.

Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this weapon.

What is a Commando Rifle And Where Can it be Found?

Playing field of Halo Infinite

The Commando Rifle features a unique firing mechanism that allows players to shoot in either semi-automatic or fully automatic modes. Additionally, it has a built-in scope that can be used to engage targets at longer ranges with precision and accuracy. This makes it a versatile weapon that can adapt to various combat scenarios.

Players can also customize the Commando Rifle with various attachments and upgrades, such as scopes, suppressors, and extended magazines. This allows players to tailor the weapon to their preferred playstyle and improve its overall performance.

Here’s some essential facts about the Commando Rifle:

General Information



Ammunition Type


Magazine Size


Rate of Fire

Slow rate of fire, full auto

Time To Kill

Seven shots to knock down the shield.

One headshot or five body shots – if no shield.

It appears to be accessible on most of the game’s maps, if not all of them, and can typically be found high up in vertical locations that have medium-range overlooks. On Recharge, for instance, you may find it in two of the opposite sections that face out over the B spot when you’re playing the Strongholds mode. 

Because of this, you should consider using it as a replacement for your handgun because it will provide you the flexibility to handle scenarios at close, medium, and long distances.

Most Recommended Maps To Utilize the Commando Rifle

The Commando Rifle performs exceptionally well on the Recharge map. Because of the abundance of passageways and confined areas on this battlefield map, the Commando Rifle works quite well in this environment. 

The map has many different levels, both greater and lesser. In ranked matches, the Commando Rifle can be found on the higher levels gazing at the map’s central part. These two locations are ideal for exchanging shots with other participants located on different parts of the map.

These kinds of weapons can truly thrive on the symmetrical layout of Bazaar, which has a lot of open areas that can be exploited, and there are a number of opportunities for doing so. You will most likely fight other players in combat from a distance, and you will also be separated from them by a significant amount.

The Streets map also works well with this weaponry. The streets feature numerous wide sections that are capable of hosting some excellent gun battles at a midrange. 

Finding a vantage point from which to pick out enemies while using the Commando Rifle is one of the best strategies available at this stage. Seated at the end of a road where people are likely to be racing to spots or ascending stairs is another smart strategy for gathering information.

Commando is an underrated weapon

Commando Rifle: How to Get a Kill

The Commando Rifle has a mission that demands you to take the life of an adversary in order to finish it. It is among the simpler ones, as the Commando is a rather simplistic weapon, and a few well-placed shots are all that is needed to put out any foe. 

It is, additionally, among the firearms that can be obtained with the least amount of effort in the game. This is because it is found on a large number of maps [1], and these maps, it typically has two or even more spawning spots.

Commando Rifle: Should You Utilize it on Big Team Battle Maps?

The decision to utilize this weapon on Big Team Battle maps ultimately depends on your personal playstyle and the specific game mode you’re playing on Halo Infinite.

However, it’s important to consider the specific game mode you’re playing on Big Team Battle maps. For example, if you’re playing a game mode that requires capturing and holding objectives, you may want to consider using a weapon like the BR75, which has a faster time-to-kill at close range and can help you clear out enemies in objective areas.

Commando Rifle: Tips And Tricks

Here are a few tips on using the Commando Rifle in the game:

Master the Burst Mode: The Commando Rifle’s burst mode can be incredibly effective, especially at medium to long ranges. Practice using it to take out enemies with quick bursts of fire, and try to time your shots for maximum accuracy.

Use the Scope: The Commando Rifle has a built-in scope that can be used to engage targets at long ranges with precision and accuracy. Take advantage of this feature by using the scope to line up headshots or take out enemies from a distance.

Customize Your Loadout: Consider customizing your Commando Rifle with attachments and upgrades that complement your playstyle. For example, adding a suppressor can help you stay hidden from enemy radar, while an extended magazine can provide more firepower for sustained engagements.

Rifle comparison on Halo infinite

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: The weapon is most effective at medium to long ranges, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and position yourself accordingly. Try to find elevated positions or cover that allow you to take advantage of the weapon’s range.

Keep Moving: While the weapon is effective at medium to long ranges, it’s important to keep moving and avoid becoming an easy target for enemy snipers or vehicles. Use your mobility to stay out of harm’s way while you engage targets from a distance.


Overall, this weapon is a versatile and powerful weapon in Halo Infinite that can be highly effective when used properly. Its hybrid design makes it a solid choice for mid-range combat situations, and its rapid-fire capabilities and accurate long-range shots make it ideal for taking out enemies quickly and efficiently.

While there may be other weapons that are better suited for specific situations in Halo Infinite, it is a strong choice for players looking for a versatile and effective weapon that can adapt to various combat scenarios. So, whether you’re playing Big Team Battle or another game mode, it is a weapon worth considering for your loadout.

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