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Halo Infinite Assault Rifle — How To Use It and Key Characteristics

Halo Infinite comes with a brand-new arsenal of weapons for players to master. One of the most iconic weapons in the Halo franchise, the Assault Rifle, returns in Halo Infinite with some new features and mechanics. 

As a staple weapon for any Spartan, the Assault Rifle is a reliable and versatile firearm that can be used in a variety of situations. Thus, we will take a closer look at the Halo Infinite Assault Rifle and provide some tips on how to effectively use it in combat.

General Weapon Information

The MA40 AR is a primary weapon featured in  Halo Infinite. This weapon is a modernized version of the iconic Assault Rifle that has been a staple in the Halo franchise since the original game’s release in 2001. 

The MA40 AR is a versatile weapon that can be used in a variety of situations, making it a favorite among players.

It is produced by the Misriah Armory and commonly utilized by the UNSC, is a fully automatic assault rifle that performs exceptionally well in close to medium-range engagements.  

ma40 assault rifle

Notably, unlike other kinetic weapons available in the game, the MA40 AR does not have the ability to take down an unshielded opponent with a single headshot. This weapon is given to players as their initial primary weapon in the Quick Play game mode.

Weapon Details

Most Recommended Maps To Use With Assault Rifles

The MA40 AR is a versatile weapon suitable for most maps in Halo Infinite. It serves as the primary weapon in Quickplay and is great for close to medium-range engagements in Arena maps. 

Its effectiveness is comparable to non-power weapons like the Bulldog and Sentinel Beam, with only the Battle Rifle being more effective at long range.

In Big Team Battle maps, while the MA40 AR can be used, precision and power weapons are the superior choices due to the number of weapon dispensers available. 

The MA40 AR is best used in capture-based game modes like Total Control, where it is great for both defense and offense. 

The weapon’s high rate of fire and decent magazine size makes it effective at mowing down enemies, particularly after their shields have been weakened by grenades in Halo Infinite.

Thus, it has been proven that the MA40 AR is a reliable and versatile weapon suitable for most situations in Halo Infinite multiplayer, making it a go-to choice for players in both Quickplay and capture-based game modes [1].

Shield breaking

Tips And Tricks On How To Effectively Use The MA40 AR

Here are some tips for using the MA40 Assault Rifle in Halo Infinite:

1. The MA40 is a fully automatic weapon, so it is best used for close to medium-range engagements.

Due to its high rate of fire and decent accuracy, the weapon can easily take down opponents at close range. Its spray pattern is also relatively easy to control, making it effective in medium-range fights as well.

However, at longer ranges, the weapon’s recoil can become a problem, causing the aim to drift away from the target. Therefore, it is best to avoid engagements at long ranges when using the MA40. 

Instead, players should look to close the distance between themselves and their opponents to get the most out of the weapon in Halo Infinite.

2. When using the MA40, it's important to keep an eye on the recoil, as it can cause the weapon's aim to stray. Burst fire can help to mitigate this issue.

This weapon has a moderate amount of recoil that can cause the weapon’s aim to stray when fired continuously. 

To counteract this issue, players can use the burst fire technique, which involves firing short bursts of three to four rounds instead of holding down the trigger.

MA40 gameplay

Burst firing can significantly improve the weapon’s accuracy, making it easier to hit targets at medium to long ranges. 

This technique can also help players conserve ammunition and reduce reload times, as the smaller bursts require less ammo and cause the weapon to cool down faster.

3. Consider pairing the MA40 with a precision weapon, like the Sniper Rifle or the Commando, to cover both close and long-range combat scenarios.

While the MA40 Assault Rifle is excellent for close to medium-range combat, it can struggle at longer ranges due to its high recoil and spread. 

To overcome this limitation, players can pair the MA40 with a precision weapon like the Sniper Rifle or the Commando to cover both close and long-range scenarios.

The Sniper Rifle is a long-range weapon that can take down enemies with a single shot to the head or two shots to the body. 

It’s great for picking off enemies from a distance, and it can be used to complement the MA40 in scenarios where players need to engage enemies at longer ranges. The MK50 Sidekick pistol, BR75, and VK78 Commando a great backup options for weapons as well.

MA40 gameplay 2.JPG
4. Weapon Spread Increases While Shooting

As with any weapon, there are limitations to its accuracy. When firing the weapon continuously, the bullet spread will increase, causing shots to stray further from the reticle. 

This becomes particularly noticeable after firing 15 to 20 bullets, where the spread can become quite significant.

While the spread increase is not a major issue when engaging enemies at very close range, it can become problematic at medium range or beyond. 

At these distances, players will need to adjust their aim and use controlled bursts to maintain accuracy and prevent shots from straying too far from their target. Failing to do so will result in missed shots and wasted ammunition.

5. The MA40's built-in grenade launcher can be useful for quickly taking out groups of enemies or vehicles.

Using the grenade launcher is relatively straightforward. Players need only to aim and fire to launch a grenade, which explodes on impact, dealing area-of-effect damage to any enemies within its blast radius. 

The grenade launcher can also be used to take out vehicles, which can be particularly effective in Big Team Battle maps, where vehicles play a significant role.

Wrapping Up

Nonetheless, the MA40 AR is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and effective weapons in Halo Infinite. As the starting weapon in Quickplay, players will be relying on it heavily, and for a good reason. 

By keeping these tips in mind, players can make the most out of the MA40 and use it effectively to dominate the battlefield.

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