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How To Beat Harbinger in Halo Infinite — Player’s Guide

One of the most formidable bosses in the game is the Harbinger, a powerful enemy that requires skill, strategy, and preparation to defeat. In this discussion, we will explore some tips and tactics for beating the Harbinger in Halo Infinite and emerge victorious. 

From understanding the boss’s attack patterns to utilizing the right weapons and abilities, we will delve into the various elements of the fight and guide how to overcome this challenging enemy.  

So, let’s jump into the world of Halo Infinite and discover the secrets to defeating the Harbinger. 

A Brief Breakdown of The Boss Fight

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The Harbinger fight in Halo Infinite features three distinct phases, each with its unique challenges and mechanics. During the first phase, players must focus on taking down the Harbinger’s shield generators while dealing with waves of enemies. 

In the second phase, the Harbinger becomes more aggressive, and players need to avoid its devastating attacks while continuing to fight off the waves of enemies. 

Finally, in the third phase, players must destroy the Harbinger’s weak points while avoiding its attacks and the waves of enemies.

How to Handle Every Wave

To make the Harbinger boss fight in Halo Infinite easier, we recommend staying on the lower floor of the arena for most of the fight. This is because the lower floor provides more cover to hide behind and allows easier traversal around the ring with the Grapple Hook. 

While the boss arena has two floors, players may find it more advantageous to remain on the lower floor to increase their chances of success against this challenging enemy.

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It is advisable to take advantage of the powerful weapons scattered throughout the boss arena. The Cindershot is an especially valuable weapon that players should consider picking up, while Halo Infinite’s Stalker Rifle may be a better option for conserving ammo for later use.

Players can significantly damage the Harbinger by utilizing these powerful weapons and gain an advantage.

It is important to note that not all enemies will spawn at once during the Harbinger boss fight, and hordes of enemies may spawn from the doors both in front and behind you, depending on which one you are close to. 

With this in mind, the Cindershot can be an effective weapon to quickly take out the enemies as they spawn, preventing them from spreading out and becoming more difficult to deal with. 

By focusing on the spawn points and utilizing Halo Infinite’s Cindershot, players can effectively manage the waves of enemies and gain an advantage in the fight.

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Defeating The Harbinger

During the Harbinger boss fights in Halo Infinite, players can engage in a one-on-one battle with the boss between the waves of enemies. 

As mentioned, the Harbinger will teleport around the ring and charge projectiles, leaving herself open to attack briefly. To take advantage of this, players can utilize the Energy Sword’s lunge attack to deal significant weapon damage in Halo Infinite and keep the pressure on the boss. 

By staying close to the Harbinger and utilizing the Energy Sword’s lunge attack, players can effectively whittle down the boss’s health and gain an advantage in the fight.

The Energy Sword is particularly effective against the Harbinger’s shields and can even knock her back, interrupting her teleports and other casts. Players can stun the boss in place by directly grappling her when combined with the Grapple Shot’s electric upgrade. 

With the fully upgraded Grapple Shot and the Energy Sword, players can stun-lock the Harbinger into the next phase of the fight with relative ease. 

By utilizing these tools effectively, players can gain a significant advantage in the battle and increase their chances of success against this challenging boss.

Wrapping Up

Defeating the Harbinger is essential to completing the Halo Infinite campaign and unlocking its full story. Additionally, defeating the Harbinger provides players with valuable rewards [1], including new weapons and equipment that can be used to progress further in the game. 

While the Harbinger is a challenging boss, with the right strategies and preparation, players can emerge victorious and enjoy the rewards of their hard-fought battle.

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