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Ways to Join a Garry’s Mod Server

Garry’s Mod is an incredibly popular sandbox game that allows players to create and play their own game modes. It is an open-world game that allows users to create their own scenarios and play with friends online. 

The game is incredibly versatile and allows players to create their own game modes and custom content. If you’re interested to try the game and join other players, here are the steps to join a server!

How to Join Garry's Mod Server?

Joining Garry’s Mod server is easy and can be done in no time. 

Through Steam

Follow these steps to join your Garry’s Mod server through Steam:

GMOD on Steam Library

Through the Community Server List

If your server [1] is set to be publicly visible, the community search list can also be used to locate it. This is likely the method you will utilize to allow friends to join.


Garry’s Mod servers are a great way to play the game with friends and create your own custom game modes. Joining a Garry’s Mod server is easy and can be done through the Steam Client or the community search list. 

With these, you can enjoy the game and create unique content for everyone to experience!

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