Fixed: Cannot Join Servers on Arma 3

Are you having trouble joining Arma 3 servers? Are you stuck in a loop of being unable to connect? If so, you’re not alone! 

Luckily, here are several working fixes you can do to fix this issue. This guide from our Arma 3 gamers will cover potential solutions for getting you connected to the server soon! 

Cannot Join Arma 3 Servers: 5 Effective Fixes

Below are five solutions to this common problem:

Fix #1: Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

The first step to resolving any issue with online gaming is to check your internet connection. Start by restarting your router or modem to refresh your internet. 

Next, check your network settings. Ensure your firewall is not blocking the game, and ensure that your router settings are adjusted so that the ports are open. 

internet settings

Fix #2: Update Your Network Driver

Network drivers are a vital component of your computer’s connection to the internet. If your network driver is outdated or corrupted, this can cause issues when attempting to join Arma 3 servers. To ensure your network driver is up-to-date, you can use the Device Manager tool in Windows. 

Simply open the Device Manager, select your network driver, and click the “Update Driver” button. This will search for and install the latest version of your network driver.

Fix #3: Verify Your Game Files

Game files can become corrupted or missing over time, which can cause issues when attempting to join online servers. To verify the integrity of your game files, use the Steam client. 

On the game’s page in the Steam library, click the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button. This will compare your game files to the official versions, replacing any corrupted files or downloading any missing files. 

Fix #4: Disable Your Antivirus

Deactivate Your AntiVirus

Sometimes, your antivirus software [1] interferes with your online gaming activities, resulting in such connection issues. To eliminate this possibility, you can temporarily disable it while playing.

Once disabled, try connecting to the server again. If you’re able to connect, you may need to add Arma 3 to your antivirus whitelist. 

Fix #5: Try a Different Server

If you’ve tried the steps above and still can’t join Arma 3 servers, you may need to try a different server. Sometimes, servers can be down for maintenance or overloaded with players. 

If you’re able to connect to a different server, this indicates the server you were attempting to join may be having issues. 


If you’re having trouble joining Arma 3 servers, it’s likely caused by poor internet connection or server downtime. To properly check, follow these fixes in order. If you’re still having trouble connecting to Arma 3 servers, you may need to contact the game’s support team for proper assistance.

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