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How to Give Players Cheats on Your GMod Server

Cheat commands are a great way to give players an edge when playing Garry’s Mod. These are used to give players an advantage, or just to make the game more fun. 

So in this guide, our resident gamers will show you how to give players cheats on your GMod server.

How to Give Players Cheats on Your GMod Server?

With Garry’s Mod, you can turn on cheats on your server to change how some parts of the game work. This can include commands like “noclip,” which lets you fly through the ground and many other real-world objects. 

All of these commands are easy to turn on from the server console [1]. Simply follow these steps:

GMOD server setting

What's the Importance of Using Cheats on a GMod Server?

Cheats can be used to give players an advantage in the game, or to make the game more fun. Cheats can give players access to powerful weapons, special abilities, or even the ability to fly. Cheats are also useful for testing new maps and game modes. 

When enabled, you can give players the ability to explore new areas and experiment with new strategies. This can significantly improve the game experience for everyone involved.


Cheats are a wonderful way to give players a variety of ways to play Garry’s Mod. With these commands, you can give players access to special abilities and powerful weapons. This can make your server more exciting, given the added options when playing. 

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