Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2: Lightfall — Unraveling the Secrets of Neomuna

In the ever-expanding universe of Destiny 2, a new enigma has emerged with the arrival of the Lightfall expansion: Cloud Accretions. These mysterious entities hold great significance, and Guardians have been delving into the depths of Neomuna, in search of these celestial manifestations. 

In this article, we will uncover the secrets of Cloud Accretions, where to find them across Neomuna, and the best methods to locate them using resource-finding mods on your Ghost.

What are Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2: Lightfall?

Cloud Accretions are ethereal formations that have made their appearance in Destiny 2: Lightfall. These unique crystal entities are scattered across the landscape of Neomuna, beckoning Guardians to discover their hidden potential. 

Their purpose and true nature remain shrouded in mystery, but many believe that unraveling their secrets could bring great rewards and insights into the lore of the Destiny universe.

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Where to find Cloud Accretions in Destiny 2

Venturing into the vast expanse of Neomuna, Guardians can stumble upon Cloud Accretions in the most unexpected locations. These enigmatic formations appear randomly throughout the world, making each discovery an exciting and unpredictable experience.

Whether you are exploring the mysterious ruins of ancient civilizations or traversing the majestic landscapes of Neomuna, keep your eyes peeled for these alluring Cloud Accretions.

The origin and purpose of Cloud Accretions remain veiled in enigma, adding an air of mystique to their presence. As these celestial entities appear at seemingly random locations, their sporadic appearance further fuels speculation about their true nature. 

Some Guardians theorize that they might be remnants of long-lost civilizations or remnants of powerful cosmic events. Others believe they are connected to the Traveler or even manifestations of paracausal forces beyond our comprehension.

While its exact nature is not explained, Cloud Accretions are valuable in certain quests in Destiny 2, and especially in increasing your rank with Nimbus, as each collection of Cloud Accretion grants 20 Neomuna reputation. Increasing this rank with reputation unlocks new rewards and a legendary engram.

How to find Cloud Accretions on Neomuna

Costing six energy, the Wombo Detector mod endows your Ghost with the extraordinary ability to detect valuable resources and caches within a 50-meter range. This feature becomes invaluable when searching for Cloud Accretions, as it significantly reduces the time and effort required to locate them. 

No longer do you need to rely solely on luck or chance encounters. The Wombo Detector empowers you with a focused approach, allowing you to zero in on these enigmatic formations. Note that the use of the Wombo Detector consumes six energy.

To make the most of the Wombo Detector, ensure that your Ghost is active at all times during your exploration of Neomuna. As you traverse the landscapes, your Ghost will automatically mark any nearby Cloud Accretions, providing you with crucial visual cues and guiding you toward their locations.

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The broad 50-meter range ensures that you won’t miss any Cloud Accretions in your immediate vicinity, making it an indispensable tool for dedicated collectors and lore enthusiasts. 

Moreover, the Wombo Detector’s capabilities extend beyond simple convenience. Guardians have attested to its exceptional utility when navigating through dense regions with intricate terrains. 

Locations like dense forests, rocky plateaus, and labyrinthine caverns have been found to be favored hiding spots for Cloud Accretions. In such areas, the Wombo Detector proves to be an invaluable companion, streamlining your exploration process and increasing your chances of unearthing these ethereal formations amidst challenging environments.

Beyond the pursuit of Cloud Accretions, the Wombo Detector can harmoniously complement your overall gameplay experience [1]. While it excels at assisting you in resource-finding tasks, it allows you to dedicate more time and focus to other objectives and activities in the vast world of Destiny 2. 

Whether you’re tackling challenging missions in Destiny 2: Lightfall, engaging in intense firefights, or completing quests, the Wombo Detector ensures that you won’t miss any potential rewards that may lie hidden in the surroundings.

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In the Lightfall expansion of Destiny 2, the discovery of Cloud Accretions has captivated Guardians, offering a tantalizing quest for hidden rewards and lore. As you explore the enigmatic world of Neomuna, be prepared for the unexpected appearance of these celestial formations. 

Utilizing the Wombo Detector mod on your Ghost will undoubtedly enhance your ability to locate Cloud Accretions and delve into their secrets without undue hassle. As the Destiny 2 universe continues to expand, there is no doubt that Cloud Accretions will play an essential role in the unfolding narrative. 

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