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Warzone 2 Devs Acknowledge Issue of Season 5 Guns Not Unlocking in DMZ

The developers of Warzone 2 have responded to a perplexing issue where players cannot unlock the new weapons introduced in Season 5 through the popular DMZ (Dead Man’s Zone) mode, reminiscent of Escape From Tarkov, played on Warzone 3 maps.

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) was first announced, DMZ was one of the most hyped features, which allows players to stake different equipment and items in the hopes of discovering better gear. Until Season 5, this also included the newly added weapons introduced at the start and mid-points of each new season.

Previously, players could drop into DMZ, find new weapons from other players or non-playable characters (NPCs) [1], and successfully exfil with those weapons, unlocking them for future use. 

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Remarkably, players didn’t even need to utilize the battle pass to access these weapons, leading to some services being set up where players could pay someone to assist them in unlocking the guns.

However, with the advent of Season 5, many players eagerly dropped into DMZ, seeking to unlock the new FR Avancer assault rifle and the .300 Carrack sniper. Much to their dismay, they discovered that exfiling with these weapons, even attempting to swap with a teammate before doing so, did not result in unlocking them as intended.

This issue sparked frustration among players, who took to social media to voice their complaints. The most common gripe centered on the inability to unlock the new guns, particularly the highly sought-after FR Avancer assault rifle. 

Some speculated that this change might have been intentional, but many hoped it was merely a bug.

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In response to the growing concern, the developers said, “We are investigating reports of some DMZ Players being unable to unlock certain weapons via successful exfil as intended.” The issue has been added to their Trello board of known problems, indicating that the developers are actively working to resolve it.

As the community awaits further updates, whether this is an intended change or simply an unintended bug remains to be determined. Given that the issue was not mentioned in the initial patch notes, it is likely that the developers will address and rectify the problem promptly to restore the excitement and satisfaction of unlocking Season 5’s new arsenal through DMZ. 

Players hope they can soon dive back into the game mode, staking their equipment and successfully unlocking the much-coveted weapons once again.

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