Destiny 2’s Headlong Mission — A Comprehensive Walkthrough

Embark on a riveting adventure through Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign as we delve into the intricacies of the “Headlong” mission. 

In this article, we will guide you through the various challenges, puzzles, and epic confrontations that await you in this exciting chapter of the Destiny 2 saga.

How to Master Destiny 2's Headlong Mission

The Headlong mission in Destiny 2 features a VexNet training course that becomes your proving ground, a space to unleash the full extent of the Strand’s power. 

You and Osiris try to understand the Strand, as waves of Vex assail you, your combat prowess shines through each exhilarating engagement. 

The mastery you’ve cultivated over the Strand’s abilities comes to the forefront, and your strategic finesse serves as a guiding force to conquer every wave.

Step 1: Accomplish Your Strand Training Montage

Your journey starts with a captivating montage that plunges you into the heart of the Strand’s power. Through intense training, you immerse yourself in the art of wielding this formidable ability. 

This mastery of the Strand becomes an invaluable asset, a skill you must hone as you brace for the impending trials that loom.

Step 2: Navigate Liming Harbor and Confront the Shadow Legion

Your path leads you to Liming Harbor, a destination fraught with challenges and danger. Here, the enigmatic Shadow Legion awaits, testing your mettle with its treacherous terrain and relentless adversaries.

A puzzle of intricate complexity beckons your intellect and precision. Analyzing the crystal arrangement above the Vex gate is the key to unraveling the puzzle’s secrets.

The intricate mysteries of Vex lock puzzles beckon as you strive to access the coveted VexNet training course. The solution lies in decoding the sequence of Cation and Anion Harpies. 

By dismantling these barriers, you open the gateway to VexNet—an arena brimming with fresh challenges and opportunities for growth.

Your combat prowess and agility will be your greatest allies as you navigate this hazardous environment. Engage your enemies strategically in the correct order:

  1. Cation Harpy
  2. Anion Harpy
  3. Cation Harpy

Applying this solution empowers you to navigate barriers and unlock the depths of the puzzle’s intricacies. Every correct kill will have an “Input Accepted” notification.

Step 3: Decode the Vex Barrier Puzzle

Intrigue meets obstacles as you encounter a perplexing Vex barrier between you and your goal. Your intellect is tested as you work to unlock this barrier by deciphering the sequence of Vex types required for its dissolution:

  1. Cation Harpy
  2. Cation Harpy
  3. Cation Harpy

Engage the Vex adversaries in the correct order, each elimination punctuated by the affirmation of ‘Input Accepted’ flashing on the corner of your screen like the first puzzle. As your proficiency aligns with the puzzle’s demands, witness the barrier bow to your mastery.

Step 4: Confront the final Vex Puzzle

The Vex challenges you with both combat and intellectual puzzles. Engage them in battles that require a harmonious blend of combat finesse and strategic problem-solving. The correct order of defeating the enemies is as follows:

  1. Cation Harpy
  2. Anion Harpy
  3. Cation Harpy
  4. Anion Harpy
  5. Cation Harpy

Every victory over the Vex marks your journey towards mastering their complexities.

Step 5: Ascend Cliffs and Unlock Strand Potential

Scaling towering cliffs takes you further into the heart of the mission. The discovery of the next Strand pillar unveils an opportunity to expand your Strand subclass’s potential. As you harness new aspects of this power, your capabilities are heightened. 

Prove your might by combating waves of Vex, firmly asserting your dominance over the challenges that stand in your way.

Step 6: Undertake Osiris' Training

Osiris, a guiding force, leads you into a training room with profound significance. Your agility and strategic precision with the Strand’s use are tested as you navigate intricate platforms and confront adversarial forces. 

The rotation of a dangerous wall presents a unique challenge, demanding precise timing and calculated movement.

Step 7: Confront Ionieon, System Control Flow

The mission reaches a crescendo as you confront Ionieon, System Control Flow—a formidable adversary demanding strategy and skill. Your arsenal holds the Strand super, a potent tool for swift victory. 

Alternatively, your heavy weapons and strategic abilities offer an alternative path. Maneuvering the treacherous spinning wall requires calculated caution to avoid its lethal embrace.

Triumph Over Challenges with Mastery

destiny 2 gameplay

As a Guardian, your journey culminates in demonstrating unwavering confidence against the challenges you’ve encountered. Your arsenal consists of weaponry, knowledge, skills, and patience. 

Triumph over adversaries and puzzles alike, emerging as a Guardian who has not just overcome the “Headlong” mission but mastered it. Your achievement stands as a testament to your unwavering spirit and relentless determination.


Destiny 2’s “Headlong” mission offers a thrilling and engaging experience that tests your skills, adaptability, and strategic thinking.  

By embracing your Strand abilities, deciphering Vex lock puzzles, and facing epic confrontations, you will emerge as a triumphant Guardian, ready to conquer the challenges ahead in the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2 [1].

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