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Among Us Memes — Unmasking the Hilarious Crewmate Adventures!

Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm, offering players an exciting blend of deception, teamwork, and timing in one thrilling game. With its immense popularity as one of the hottest mobile games, Among Us has become a global sensation, bringing friends and family together to uncover the impostors among them. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 22 Among Us memes that capture the humor, frustrations, and camaraderie that make this game an unforgettable experience. 

Top Funny Among Us Memes

1. Connection Issues - The Frustration of Disconnections

One of the most relatable memes for Among Us players is the frustration of facing connection issues during gameplay. Imagine finally becoming the Impostor, only to be disconnected from the game, leaving you unable to fulfill your sneaky plans.

2. Big Chungus Crossover - A Hilarious Character Transformation

The Among Us community’s creativity knows no bounds, and this meme showcases a hilarious crossover between the popular “Big Chungus” meme and an Among Us crewmate morphed into the “Big Chungus” bunny.

big chungus meme among us

3. Taking One for the Team - Sacrificing for Crewmate Victory

Sometimes, a strategic play involves sacrificing oneself for the greater good. This meme humorously depicts luring an Impostor near the camera view, allowing other crewmates to witness the kill and identify the culprit.

4. Strong Password - Defending Yourself with Confirm Ejects On

With the “Confirm Ejects” setting on, crewmates can gain valuable information when an Impostor is successfully voted off. This meme humorously portrays the crewmate’s ability to defend themselves by showing that an Impostor was ejected from the game.

5. The Feeling of Power vs. Being Caught - The Impostor's Dilemma

Playing as an Impostor can give players power and control, but that feeling can quickly turn to anxiety and despair when caught in the act.

6. Standoff in Electrical - The Risky Walk into Danger

Electrical is a high-risk area for both crewmates and Impostors. This meme captures the tense moments when crewmates are cautious about performing tasks in Electrical, fearing a lurking Impostor.

among us meme disconnected

7. Annoying Impostor Pretending - Dealing with Impostor Deception

Nothing is more frustrating than witnessing an Impostor pretending to be a crewmate to avoid suspicion. This meme playfully mocks the annoyance players feel when faced with this deception.

8. Not Acting 'Sus' Is Important Too - Playing Both Sides as Impostor

A skilled Impostor must balance appearing innocent while subtly manipulating the game in their favor. This meme highlights the importance of not raising suspicion, even when playing as an Impostor.

9. Doubting Everything - The Crewmate Paranoia

As a crewmate, other players’ actions and behavior are scrutinized. This meme humorously illustrates the crewmate’s constant doubt and paranoia as they try to identify Impostors.

10. Xbox Series X Meme - Microsoft's Playful Design Response

The gaming community often finds humor in real-world events, and this meme shows humor in Microsoft’s playful response to the comparisons between the design of the Xbox Series X and a refrigerator.

11. Don't Go AFK - Suspicions on AFK Crewmates

sus bus among us

In Among Us, going AFK (Away From Keyboard) can raise suspicions among other players, leaving crewmates vulnerable and providing the Impostors with a strategic advantage.

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12. Following Accessory Trends - The Importance of Wearing the Same

Among Us players often indulge in accessory trends, and this meme humorously emphasizes the social pressure to follow the trend and wear the same accessory as everyone else in the lobby.

13. Don't Eat the Wires - Cute Crewmates and Task Assistance

The adorable small versions of crewmates in Among Us have won the hearts of players, and this meme humorously suggests that future game updates include these miniature-size cosmetics to assist players in completing tasks.

14. Building Trust with Crewmates - Synergy for Crew Victory

Building trust and synergy with fellow crewmates is crucial for achieving victory. This meme showcases the power of teamwork and collaboration in accomplishing tasks and identifying Impostors.

15. Time to Panic - Handling Real-Life Emergencies

Real-life emergencies can interrupt Among Us games, causing panic among players. This meme humorously reminds players to handle emergencies responsibly, even while in the middle of intense gameplay.

16. Vote Him Off Right Now! - Dealing with Annoying Teammates

The exasperated crewmates can quickly vote off annoying teammates who cause disruptions in the game. This meme playfully suggests the instant judgment these players face.

17. So Close, But So Far - Frustrations of Simple Tasks

Simple tasks can become frustrating when players need help to complete them. This meme portrays the humorous side of those moments when victory seems within reach, only to slip away due to a minor task.

18. Let's Hope They Listen - Addressing Hackers in the Game

Hackers can ruin the fun for players, especially in a game like Among Us, with no ranking system. This meme calls for addressing the issue and ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Marinate before frying among us meme

19. Ultrawide Monitors for Among Us - A Worthwhile Investment?

Gaming setups and accessories play a significant role in the gaming community, and this meme playfully suggests the advantages of investing in ultrawide monitors for Among Us.

20. Communicating with the Ghosts - Déjà Vu and Dead Crewmates

In Among Us, only ghosts can communicate with ghosts, and only living players can communicate with each other. This meme humorously suggests that players might receive ghostly advice like deja vu, during gameplay to figure out who the Impostor is.

21. That Didn't Go as Planned - Solid Proof Turned Against You

Miscommunications and misunderstandings can lead to comical situations where a crewmate’s solid proof against an Impostor backfires. This meme highlights the unpredictability of gameplay.

f in the chat among us memes

22. Perfect Fake Synergy - The Power of Impostor Teamwork

Among Us impostors can create fake synergy with crewmates, fooling them into believing their innocence. This meme showcases the cunning tactics employed by skilled impostors.


As Among Us continues to captivate players worldwide [1], sharing memes adds to the game’s enjoyment and keeps the community engaged. Players are encouraged to keep creating and sharing amusing content to foster a fun and lighthearted atmosphere within the Among Us community.

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