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Proximity Chat on Among Us Mobile — Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of the game Among Us, you know that one of the best features is the proximity chat. 

This allows you to communicate with other players who are close to you in the game. But what exactly is it and how do you use it? Here all the must-know details:

How to Use Proximity Chat in Among Us Mobile?

The proximity chat mod allows players to voice chat with teammates who are nearby. It’s a nice addition that improves the in-game user experience and adds to the fun. 

Unlike Discord [1], it allows gamers to play with their friends while remaining muted unless in a meeting. Before accessing the lobby, players must first open the link in their browser. 

proximity app

To use the proximity voice chat feature, simply input the lobby’s in-game host username. Players must input their usernames carefully, as any small mistake may result in an error. 

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Enter the game code and confirm that all teammates are on the same server and area. Then, before joining the game, click the join button or share the URL with your friends.

However, because the mod is still under development, players should be aware that they may encounter several issues. Regardless, this is a fantastic feature that mobile users will love, just as many streamers have in their videos.

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