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Unmasking the Crew: An Essential Guide to Among Us Characters

Among Us, the thrilling social deduction game has captivated players worldwide with its intriguing gameplay and charming characters. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of Among Us characters, providing you with a complete understanding of their roles, color-coded characteristics, cosmetics, and how to create your own unique avatar. 

Whether you’re a new player seeking information or a seasoned gamer looking to expand your knowledge, this article will be your ultimate resource.

Among Us Characters’ Overview

Among Us features a colorful crew of characters, each with its unique appearance and characteristics. These characters are depicted as small, armless astronauts who must work together to complete tasks aboard a spaceship or space station. 

However, lurking among the crew are impostors, who must eliminate other players without getting caught.

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Color Codes

One of the defining features of Among Us characters is their color-coded nature. These colors not only serve as a visual identifier but also contribute to the player’s personality and gameplay experience.

Character Creation

Among Us

When starting the game, players have the option to customize their avatar [1]. They can choose their preferred color, equip various cosmetics, and even decide on a unique name. 

This customization aspect allows players to express their individuality and create a character that suits their style.

Roles and additional features:

While most Among Us characters assume the role of Crewmates, there are additional roles that can be assigned or obtained during gameplay. Each role carries unique abilities and responsibilities, adding depth to the gameplay experience. 


The Crewmate role remains a cornerstone of Among Us. As a Crewmate, players are tasked with completing various objectives and tasks while working together with other Crewmates. Their primary goal is to identify and vote out impostors during emergency meetings. 

Crewmates must utilize their observation skills and deductive reasoning to identify suspicious behavior, report dead bodies, and gather evidence, all while evading being killed by the lurking Impostors.

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The Scientist role provides a unique twist to the game. Scientists possess advanced knowledge and access to special tools, enabling them to analyze the vitals of the players on the ship. Player statuses like who are alive, dead, or disconnected in the game are visible in the vitals menu.

Though all players should have access to stationary vital monitors (Office and Medical areas), Scientists differ as they also have a portable monitor to access the vitals of players. This portable monitor has a battery that drains at usage and only recharges upon completion of tasks after a cooldown period. 


Engineers possess valuable skills that aid in maintaining and repairing the spaceship just like all the crew. However, they have an additional ability that mimics that of the Impostor’s.

Players with the Engineer role assigned in the game can travel through the use of vents. Unlike Impostors, Engineers have a cooldown period to use the vent, if they’ve recently used one before. Note that Engineers cannot use vents when “Comms Sabotaged” happens.


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When a player dies or is ejected in Among Us, they become a Ghost. Ghosts are deceased Crewmates or Impostors who can no longer perform tasks or participate in discussions and voting. They are only allowed to chat with fellow Ghosts.

However, they can still move around the map, pass through walls, and observe the ongoing gameplay. Previous crewmates who have become Ghosts can still complete their tasks, contributing to the crew’s overall progress, but they cannot directly interact with the living players. 

As for previous Impostors who became Ghosts, they can help the living Impostors by Sabotaging.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is the role in Among Us achievable only upon being a Ghost. The probability to become one varies, but it is likely that the first Crewmate to die becomes the Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angels are essentially Ghosts with a unique ability, which is to protect a Crewmate for a limited amount of time. The ability summons a shield when an Impostor tries to kill that protected person, resulting in the Crewmate not dying.

The Impostor and Shapeshifter

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Among the crew, the Impostor stands out as the main antagonist, which is a deceptive mastermind of Among Us. Their objective is to eliminate Crewmates discreetly and sabotage their efforts. Impostors can move undetected, vent between rooms, and pretend to complete tasks. 

They must strategically deceive Crewmates, manipulate suspicions, and avoid getting caught during discussions and voting. A successful Impostor requires cunning, strategy, and the ability to blend in seamlessly.

In addition to the impostor, Among Us also introduced the Shapeshifter character, which possesses the Shift ability. With this ability, Impostors take on the appearance of crewmates who are still alive, or any player alive after the last emergency meeting, further complicating the task of identifying them.


choosing character to shapeshift

Among Us offers a vast array of cosmetics to customize your character’s appearance. Players can choose from a wide range of hats, nameplates, pets, skins, and visor cosmetics to make their character truly unique.


Hats are perhaps the most recognizable and iconic cosmetic feature in Among Us. Players can choose from a wide range of hats, each with its own distinct style and personality. 

From classic options like the Safety Second and Bein Cheesy to more whimsical choices such as the Bean Baby or the Spooky Horse, there is something for everyone. 

Hats not only allow players to customize their appearance but also serve as a means of identification, making it easier to spot and recognize fellow Crewmates or impostors.

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In addition to hats, Among Us offers a variety of skins that completely change the appearance of a player’s lower half of the body. 

Whether it’s the Astronaut Skin, Spartan Armor, or even holiday-themed skins like Santa Claus, the options are endless. Skins provide a visual distinction and let players showcase their personal style while navigating the spaceship or engaging in devious acts of deception.


Pets are adorable companions that players can have alongside their characters in Among Us. These lovable critters trail behind the player, adding a touch of charm to the gameplay. 

From cute dogs and cats to aliens and robots, pets come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They have become beloved features of the game, providing companionship for players as they navigate the treacherous environment filled with Impostors.

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Nameplates are a cosmetic feature in Among Us that allows players to customize the appearance of their in-game name. With nameplates, players can add a creative touch to their identity, making their presence more distinct and memorable during discussions and voting rounds. 

These nameplates can be modified with various designs, patterns, and colors, enabling players to express their individuality and stand out among the crew or impostors. Nameplates not only provide a visual enhancement but also facilitate easier identification and recognition among players, fostering a more immersive social experience.

Visor Cosmetics

Visor cosmetics, introduced in Among Us, add a unique visual element to players’ characters. Visors are worn over the character’s eyes and come in a wide range of styles and designs. From sleek futuristic visors to quirky and colorful options, there is a visor to match every player’s taste and aesthetic.

In-Game Currencies for Cosmetics

To unlock various cosmetics, Among Us incorporates in-game currencies. Players can earn or purchase these currencies to unlock exclusive hats, skins, and other cosmetic items. This system adds a sense of progression and achievement, motivating players to continue playing and collecting their favorite cosmetics:

among us skins


In the world of Among Us, understanding the intricacies of its characters is crucial for gameplay and personalization. By exploring the roles, color-coded characteristics, cosmetics, and customization options, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the game’s vibrant and diverse cast. 

So, whether you’re playing as a Crewmate or plotting as an Impostor, this guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate the Among Us universe with confidence and style.

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