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What Are Beans for in Among Us?

If you’re a gamer, chances are you’ve played Among Us. In this popular game, players take on the role of space crewmates who must work together to complete tasks and find out who the impostor is before it’s too late. 

But have you ever wondered what those little Beans actually do? Well, wonder no more, because we’re about to tell you. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the Beans in the game Among Us.

What Do the Beans Do in Among Us?

Numerous new features, including gameplay mechanics [1], cosmetics, and in-game currency, were added with the Comiscube upgrade. 

Users who start and complete an Among Us match will get Beans and Pods. Players may exchange Beans for Cosmicubes by going to the Among Us shop. It is activated after they acquire enough Beans to purchase a Cosmicube. 

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Cosmetic things are sealed within Cosmicubes, however, they can only be released by paying pods. As a result, Beans become a player’s main source of money. 

Players will begin receiving Pods in addition to beans once the game has been finished and after a Cosmicube has been activated. However, depending on the Cosmicube they purchased with Beans, the sort of Pods they produce will vary. 

The cosmetic cube’s branching paths, which include those for hats, pets, and skins, are analogous. It’s a straightforward yet efficient gaming cycle. Additionally, there’s a chance to get more Beans following a match. 

Gaining sufficient experience to level up does this. A Bean and Pod multiplier will be applied to the players’ profits when they do this. Therefore, users will be able to get to their next box more quickly. 

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Stars, a premium form of Beans that can only be purchased with real money, were added as a new currency. It is an extra, opportunistic alternative for purchasing Cosmicubes. 

However, there’s a most critical detail we would like to emphasize: in order to earn Beans and Pods, users must sign up for and complete an Among Us match. All Beans, Pods, and experience will be lost if they leave too early (and a server ban can be issued).

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