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How to Check In-Game Ping on Blade and Soul

Any seasoned online gamer knows that a low ping is essential for a smooth gaming experience. But what is ping, and how can you check it on Blade and Soul? Read on to find out.

How to Check In-Game Ping?

One of the most frequently asked questions by users is how to check the ping on Blade and Soul. Many have been looking for a way to check their ping in the game because there aren’t any reliable measurement tools available. 

Since Blade and Soul lacks a built-in ping counter, we devised a few solutions and identified some techniques for checking the ping in the game. You should be able to use these alternatives to check the ping in a variety of ways. 

The solution is in the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) [1]. However, finding it requires extensive research. Follow these steps:

Blade & Soul gameplay
Blade & Soul checking game ping

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