BNS private server Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul Private Server

Enjoying the Blade & Soul game? Or interested in joining a server any time soon? For sure, you are looking for private servers to practice your skills or compete with other players. 

If so, you’re at the right place! Our professional gamers break down the list of the Blade & Soul private servers that you may consider. Let’s start! 

List of Private Servers Available for Blade & Soul

#1: Twilight Edge 2020

Twilight Edge 2020 is one of the best Private servers available for Blade & Soul. Some of its features include:

Twilight Edge 2020 server

#2: Twilight Edge Blade 2021

Twilight Edge Blade 2021 is a private server with the longest-term linkage to Europe [1]. You may want to try this server as this is the first-ever MMO Blade & Soul server. It’s also almost similar to Twilight Edge 2020 but limited features. 

#3: FreeBNS (Classic Version)

FreeBNS is a classic international BNS private server. It features story-old quests, the game’s classic version, old equipment and skills level-up system, and consistent in-game events. 

#4: BNS Rebellion

In BNS Rebellion, you can choose between its two servers: one that retains the old combat system (BNS  2017) and the other that is fully updated with autocombats in every zone.

BNS private server

#5: BNSPvP

Hosted in Germany, it offers advanced networking allowing international players to play within the server with better ping. You can expect QOL changes, active arena and tournaments, custom progression, and a helpful community. 


So, here are the Blade & Soul private servers you may want to consider joining. Every server has its distinct feature catering to every player’s needs. If you haven’t checked them out, you can visit their official website to see which private server suits you best.  

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