ARK character in Annunaki Genesis Server Ark

Ark Annunaki Genesis Server — What is it and How to Start One

Annunaki Genesis is an ARK: Survival Evolved new map created to bring a unique and thrilling experience to avid ARK players.

It is designed to provide a challenging, yet rewarding experience that will keep players coming back for more. If you’re keen on playing it, this guide will explain how to start an Annunaki Genesis server!

How to Start an ARK Annunaki Genesis Server?

What Are the Benefits of Using ARK Annunaki Genesis Server?

The ARK Annunaki Genesis Server offers a unique and thrilling experience for all players. This server offers a variety of custom mods that are not available on the original Ark: Survival Evolved server.  

ARK character in Annunaki Genesis Server

These mods [1] allow players to experience a more diverse and challenging game, including new creatures and items to discover.

Additionally, the Annunaki Genesis server is designed to provide a more balanced and rewarding experience, as well as more options for customizing the game. 


If you’re looking for an exciting and fresh ARK gameplay, the Annunaki Genesis Server is a great choice to consider! This server offers an array of custom mods and settings that will provide a challenging experience for all players of the game. 

The Annunaki Genesis Server is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for an ARK player like you!

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