7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Rotting Flesh — Your Quick Guide

Whether you’re an avid player of 7D2D, you have probably come across the term “rotting flesh” at some point. But what is rotting flesh, exactly? 

Let our seasoned gamers walk you through this topic in this guide: 

What is Rotting Flesh?

Rotting Flesh can be earned by harvesting Zombie Dogs, Zombie Bears, and Zombie Vultures’ carcasses. It can also be obtained by collecting carcasses and rotting bodies located on the ground across the world, as well as body bags.

rotting flesh

Consuming Rotting Flesh is never a good idea unless absolutely necessary. It is widely regarded as a bad food source, causing harm to the players’ health and delivering a pitiful amount of satisfaction. 

Furthermore, it, like other low-tier foods, has a 12% chance of causing Dysentery [1].

What is the History of Rotting Flesh in the Game?

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