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7 Days to Die Random Gen Map — Your Quick Guide

If you’re a fan of the video game 7 Days to Die, then you’re probably pretty familiar with the Random Gen map. 

But what is the Random Gen map specifically, and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Random Gen Map?

“Random World Generation” is the name given to the process of creating a game in 7 Days to Die by using the random gen map. 

The random gen map is a world that is generated at random using your game name as the seed. Custom Seed World Generation can also be performed by using the “Advanced Generation” option.

gen map

When a player chooses to play with Random World Generation, the name they give the game determines how the terrain is formed and where the Points of Interest are put. 

For example, a game called “Survive PvP” will be very different from a game called “Survival PvP,” which will be different from a game called “7 Days to Die.”

Random World Generation includes Points of Interest that are put at random based on a set of rules. Some of these sites are unique to Random World Generation. 

Most points of interest are accompanied by a Prefab. Random World Generation also includes a variety of Biomes [1] and locations.

gen map



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