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7 Days to Die Nitrate Powder — Your Quick Guide

If you’re an ardent 7D2D player, you’ve probably heard of nitrate powder. But what is it, specifically? 

To share you what you need to know about nitrate powder, including what it is, how it works, and what the benefits are, here is our quick info guide:

What is Nitrate Powder?

If you wish to try your hand at farming, nitrate powder can be used to make gunpowder, antibiotics, herbal antibiotics, and fertilizer. 

Since you’ll most likely utilize more ammo than you can find, gunpowder is arguably the most helpful item nitrate powder can be used for. If you can’t find any antibiotics, have some on hand.

nitrate powder

Antibiotics can be made with the beaker attachment over the campfire. Herbal antibiotics are also made over a campfire in a cooking pot. The farm plot is simply created in your inventory, while the gunpowder is created at the chemistry station.

How to Find Nitrate Powder on 7 Days to Die

Nitrate powder, like other items, can be found at random throughout the game. However, there are a few faster ways to gain it. 

The trader may have some available for purchase. It will never be too pricey, especially when compared to the items you can make with it. Some containers will contain nitrate powder at random.

How to Gather Nitrate Powder on 7 Days to Die

Nitrate powder, like a few other materials on 7 Days to Die, can be mined. Ore nodes are present above ground and typically extend underground. 

Potassium nitrate [1] nodes can be found in three of the four biomes, with the exception of the woodland biome. Potassium nitrate nodes can be found in the desert, burned forest, and wastelands.

nitarte powder cave

Stalactites and stalagmites can also be mined for nitrate powder. These are located in the caves strewn throughout 7 Days to Die. The caves are located at the following coordinates on the Navezgane, the game’s base map:

Loot, zombies, stalagmites, and stalactites can be found in each cave. The final way to obtain the material on 7 Days to Die is to harvest previously deceased corpses. 

No, not the zombies roaming around. You can’t harvest anything if you kill them. There will be decomposing corpses or body bags in various buildings and structures. Harvest these to obtain some nitrate powder.

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