Navezgane Map Alpha 20 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Navezgane Map Alpha 20 Guide

If you want to know where each of the major establishments is on the 7 Days to Die map Navezgane version Alpha 20, this guide is for you! 

Here, we’ll also share what you can find when you enter these sites on your 7 Days to Die gaming server and more. So, read on to learn more!

What is the Navezgane Map in the Game 7 Days to Die?

The 7 Days to Die map Navezgane has a lot for players to locate, collect, explore, and use against the zombie hordes. Gas stations, pharmacy stores, coffee shops, trailer parks, old western towns, and more await your epic quest with your friends. 

Let’s take a look at the major cities and towns in Navezgane, including the usual buildings and shops as well as the distinctive structures you’ll find in these regions.

Navezgane Map Alpha 20


Gravestown, once the largest city in Navezgane, is a mega city near the center of the map on the verge of the wasteland biome. Gravestown, which had several destroyed multi-story structures, is thought to have been bombed, destroying the city. 

There are fewer locations to plunder now that the area has been overrun by zombies of all kinds [1], including zombie dogs and bloated police officers. However, the materials you’ll obtain are considerably better. 

Gravestown has a Shotgun Messiah Gun Store on the east side, a movie theater on the south side, a hotel in the heart of town, and a total of 28 lootable cars with a wealth of resources.


Diersville is a deadly city nestled in the deep woods in the map’s northeast corner. When you kill zombies in this city, they respawn almost instantly, making it impossible to thoroughly clean up the town. 

As a result, stealth and barricades are important for avoiding zombies while looting this city. 

navezgane map alpha 20 zombies

This town is full of loot, with storage containers both inside and outside buildings, multiple 2-story houses with gun safes, many residences carrying crucial resources and armor, a hospital, and many more vital supplies that demand patience, caution, and avoiding zombies at all costs.


Perishton is located in the northwest, towards the top left-hand corner of the map. 

Perishton replaced a previous Ghost Town in the same location, and has a variety of buildings to explore, including a smaller Gun Store, Book Store, Pharmacy, Hardware Store, Grocery Store, Gas Station, and unique buildings such as the Perishton Church, Town Hall, and a Bank with 18 different safes you can access.


Departure is a huge metropolis located in the desert region in the southeast corner of the 7 Days to Die map. Departure, the largest city in 7D2D’s Navezgane, also has the largest and tallest building to visit. 


When exploring Departure, a variety of important buildings such as Shotgun Messiah Gun Store, Working Stiffs Hardware Store, Book Store, Pop-N-Pills, Pass n Gas Gas Station, Shamway Grocery Store, and Dishong Tower, Fire Station, Higashi Pharmaceutical, Poopy Pants Daycare, Prowlin Petes, Ourbucks Coffee, and Joe Bros Builders will allow you to collect many resources and supplies for your journey.

Trailer Park

The Trailer Park is a modest, one-of-a-kind spot on the 7 Days to Die map of Navezgane’s center-right side. 

While playing with your buddies on a dedicated 7 Days to Die server, you can make a quick stop here to gather supplies in six different trailers as well as various cars that can be robbed.

Old Western Town

Enter the wild west in Old Western Town, a small town on the right side of the map near the Desert and the Burnt Forest biomes. Cowboy Zombies will frequently appear here as you explore the town’s various distinctive buildings, including a Sheriff’s Office and a Special Church.

old western town

Rural Areas

When playing 7 Days to Die, Rural Areas are important places to visit to swiftly obtain resources that will help you progress through the game. 

Keep a lookout for Army Bases, Houses, and Cabins, as well as Hardware Stores, Book Stores, and Grocery Stores where you can often discover food, medicine, and even a weapon in a house. 

Be cautious in more populated Rural Areas, such as theaters, diners, skate parks, and stores, where zombies frequently hide, waiting to attack.


7 Days to Die’s vast Wilderness includes any locations that are frequently uninhabited, with no main highways or large buildings accessible. 

In general, wildlife can be found in the Wilderness, as well as points of interest such as Traders, Campsites, Cabins, Indian Burial Grounds, Ponds, Ranger Stations, and Army Bases.

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