7 Days to Die

How to Farm on 7 Days to Die — Your Quick Guide

A lot of gamers are wondering how to farm on 7 Days to Die. While it may seem complicated at first, there are several tips and tricks that can make the process a lot easier. 

So if you want to get started with farming in this game, this guide will share the best practices you can do. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to supply yourself with all the food and resources you need to survive in the game. Let’s start!

How to Farm?

On 7 Days to Die, farming involves harvesting plants, breaking them down into seeds, tilling the soil with a hoe, and then planting the seeds in the tilled soil. 

This provides the player with a steady source of food, preventing them from going hungry. However, with the release of Alpha 17, the farming process has changed.


Unlock "Living Off the Land" Skills (Optional)

They are not essential for farming, but they will increase your efficiency. The following are the perks of “Living off the Land”:

Allows you to harvest 2 items from wild or planted crops. Required Skill Level: 1, Required Fortitude Level: 1.

Allows you to craft seeds from berries and vegetables. Required Skill Level: 3, Required Fortitude Level: 5.

Allows you to harvest 3 items from wild or planted crops. Required Skill Level: 4, Required Fortitude Level: 7.

industrial plants

Create a Farm Plot

Trees can be planted in an open patch of land in Alpha 18 while crop seeds can be planted exclusively on a farm plot. 

To make a farm plot, go to your inventory and choose “Craft.” In the search bar, type “farm plot” and then choose the farm plot. To create a farm plot, you’ll need the following materials:

You can get it by smashing trees with your fist or an axe. Larger trees produce more wood.

Can be gained via harvesting rotting corpses as well as zombie dogs, zombie bears, and zombie vultures’ corpses.

Mined from cave stalagmites, rocks with potassium nitrate deposits and veins, or looted from containers or zombies.


Can be spotted digging in normal soil.

Place a Farm Plot

After you’ve finished creating a farm plot, equip it in your toolbar and choose it. Place the crosshair where you want the farm plot to be, then right-click to place it. 

Make sure to position it in a location with plenty of natural light.

Craft or Gather Seeds

Seeds can be obtained via looting or by purchasing them from traders. You can craft seeds from numerous plants found around the land if you have Living Off the Land skill level 2 or above unlocked. 

Open your inventory, navigate to the Crafting area, choose the plant from which you wish to extract the seeds, and then click “Craft.” Crafting with a single plant will usually provide one seed. The following plants can be used to make seeds:


Sow Seeds on the Farm Plot

Put the seeds on your toolbar and choose them. Then, with the crosshair on top of the farm plot, right-click to plant the seed.

Wait for the Plant to Grow

Plants go through three stages of growth seeding, growing, and full growth. Only mature plants can be harvested. You can use the crosshair to determine the stage of a plant’s growth cycle [1]. Most plants mature in 120 minutes or less.

farm plot

Harvest the Plant

When a plant has reached full growth, place the crosshair on it and left-click to harvest it. Plants can be harvested with your bare hands or with any tool. 

When a plant is harvested, it returns to the planting stage. Harvesting an immature plant will return the seed to your inventory.

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