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7 Days to Die Best Traps for Survival

Since the release of 7 Days to Die, players have been trying to figure out the best ways to survive in the game. One of the top methods is using traps since doing so takes down enemies while protecting your base. 

But with so many different types of traps available, it can be hard to know which ones are the best to use. To help you out, we’ll explain each of the best traps on 7 Days to Die. This way, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

What Are the Best Traps to Use?

Traps come in a variety of styles, ranging from simple wood traps to metal traps. There are also powered traps, which use a solar panel, battery bank, or generator to power the trap. 

Based on statistics, the following are the best traps.

dart trap

Dart Trap

Dart traps may be found in the workbench’s crafting area. As a result, you must be of a specific level to create these traps. The ammunition [1] may also be found on the workbench. To create this trap, you must also be able to forge iron.

Blade Traps

Blade traps may stack 10 to 15 in your inventory and can also be found under the workbench for building. You’ll need forge iron, mechanical components, and other materials to create them, as well as forge iron to repair them if they break. 

To make these work, you’ll also need a power supply. They make slaying the zombie horde or blood moon much simpler.

Shotgun Turret

Shotgun Turrets are unlocked after reaching level 5. You must also be able to forge steel, which requires a higher level of hammer and forge. You must also be level 60. 

It requires the use of forged steel, mechanical parts, motion sensors, and other components. If you intend to use this turret, you need to stock up on lead and paper early on.

auto shotgun

Auto Turret Range Shot

The auto turret requires the same equipment and level as the shotgun turret. The auto turret, on the other hand, consumes 9mm ammunition. 

To create 9mm ammunition and have that skill perk enabled, you’ll need lead and brass. You go through a lot of ammo with this turret because it contains 500 rounds, and by the end of the blood moon, you would have to refill it twice.

Iron Spike Traps

After you get forged iron, you can upgrade your wooden spike traps to iron spike traps. They deal greater damage, but it is also an enhanced trap. 

They may be flipped and fastened to the walls of your base to prevent zombies from breaking through. You may also cover all of your walls with these traps, as well as the ground in front of them.

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