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Best Armor Combinations on 7 Days to Die

Are you looking for the best armor combinations on 7 Days to Die? Fortunately, our seasoned gamers have curated their tried and tested combos in the game.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the each of these top five armor combinations and why they’re so effective. This valuable information will come in handy at some point in the game, so keep on reading!

What Are the Best Armor Combinations?

This debate has existed in the beginning of time. But it all boils down to how you play the game. Light armor is preferable for stealth and if you mostly utilize ranged weapons. 

On the other hand, while heavy armor slows you down, it also protects you from damage. This is ideal for melee combat. But which is the most effective?


Steel Armor

Steel armor [1] is your best option if you want to wear heavy armor. It is the game’s armor with the highest armor rating. You should get it if you appreciate getting up close and personal with zombies.

Iron Armor

Iron armor is an excellent upgrade over scrap armor. It looks prettier and provides greater protection. Once you have forged iron and the Heavy Armor perk.

iron armor

Scrap Armor

Are you looking for heavy armor early on in the game? Scrap armor is a decent starting point. While it may not be fashionable, it will provide you with much-needed protection.

Military Armor

Military armor is an excellent choice for light armor later in the game. You can preserve the element of surprise while also increasing your defense.

military iron

Padded Armor

Padded armor is an excellent method to get started in the game. Padded armor, unlike Leather armor, may be built without a schematic. It also consumes fewer resources.

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