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How to Find Clay on 7 Days to Die

For gamers who want to get ahead in 7 Days to Die, one of the most important things you can do is find clay. 

It is a valuable resource that can be used for crafting, construction, and other more purposes. But how do you finding it in the game? Here are some of the best methods for locating it:

What Are the Best Methods to Find Clay?

Clay is a particularly important commodity since it is a material that is utilized in a lot of crafts, and where. The method of how you can get it varies on the platform you play. 

Clay is required for the forges and is heated to create enhanced tools.

finding clay


Digging is the most popular method on the PlayStation platform, as well as on Steam if you do not have Alpha 17 or above.

finding clay

To find clay in Alpha 17, simply dig anywhere. It appears as clay soil and may be found all over the world. 

While doing so in Alpha 17, we recommend not digging too close to your base because zombies can dig and consequently attack your base.

Potted Plants

Collect potted plants [1], then shred them to get clay soil. This method is only supported in Alpha 17 and above. This is not true of the PlayStation format.

potted plants


Traders may occasionally have clay available for purchase using tokens. To obtain tokens, you can do one of these:


You may obtain clay by demolishing specific blocks. The most frequent are the blocks seen on military sites across the world. You can use any of the following axes to demolish blocks:


The higher the axe, the greater the resource, hence using a steel pickaxe will yield more resources than using a stone or iron one. 

The different pickaxes that you may make are listed above. Steel pickaxes are a late-game item, so you’ll usually utilize stone and iron to begin with.

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