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Skyrim NetImmerse Override Mod — Your Quick Guide

Skyrim is a popular video game with a passionate fan base. Many gamers are interested in mods, which are user-created modifications to the game that can change anything from the characters to the landscape. 

The NetImmerse Override Mod is one such mod that alters the game’s shader properties. Let’s take a look at what this mod does and how it can improve your Skyrim experience.

What is the NetImmerse Override Mod?

NetImmerse Override is a free Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) mod plugin expansion. This plugin does nothing on its own, and is simply an expansion for managing object-oriented papyrus scripts in Bethesda games. This mod also allows you to override shader properties.

skyrim NetImmerse Override Mod

The plugin requires some technical knowledge to understand what changes have what effects, but it allows users to make graphical changes in the game by changing certain variables. 

The modifications affect how the game’s shaders function, affecting everything from how reflective a piece of armor is to how something glows.

Override Armor Shader Properties

Shaders are the components of a gaming engine that control how certain materials appear on-screen, such as their reflectiveness, how shiny or bumpy they are, and so on. 

NetImmersive Override allows users to change the appearance of certain materials while playing the game by editing underlying shader properties.

Powerful Tool for Changing Visual Properties

Users can use NetImmersive Override to do things like swap textures at runtime. Users can also control runtime emissive color changing by stopping, starting, or modifying time controllers.

skyrim NetImmerse Override

Persistent Modifications

Any changes made with the NetImmersive Override extensions are saved to the SKSE co-save, eliminating the need to reapply them every time the game is reloaded. More advanced features include the ability for users to override the properties of specific node names.

Only for Advanced Users

NetImmerse Override is not for inexperienced users because it is a plugin [1] for a mod. However, it provides a framework for making subtle graphical changes to Skyrim and can be a useful tool for modders and experienced users.

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