She Drifts Sea Gifts Lost Ark

How to Complete She Drifts Sea Gifts on Lost Ark

Are you stuck on the She Drifts, Sea Gifts quest in Lost Ark? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll share what you need to know to complete this quest. 

How to Complete the She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest

The She Drifts, Sea Gifts is a simple and reasonably rewarding daily quest on Lost Ark. The quest is significant in that completing it is will allow players to obtain the Astray Ship. 

It is a daily quest that you must complete for a total of 25 days in order to receive the rewards, which include an Astray Ship blueprint. To complete the quest, you must first complete the Sailing Co-Op missions Yarn or Arthritine.

She Drifts Sea Gifts

To find out where the spawn is, click the timer button in the upper left corner and then the Cogwheel. The spawn locations for the event can be found in Sailing. 

Press the Q key three times when the event begins. That will sink the treasure in the open seas using your ship’s crane. The quest can be completed by pressing the Q key three times, but you can go further to continue collecting the rewards.

The quest’s rewards are both ordinary and special. After completing the quest, you will receive pirate coins, the value of which is determined by your reputation status. 

The final reputation level rewards 29,000 pirate coins and an Astray Ship blueprint [1]. To purchase the ship, you must hand over the blueprint along with 300,000 pirate coins.

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