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Best TF2 Trading Servers This 2023

Team Fortress 2 trading servers are a rarity nowadays, but did you know there are few active ones that are used by avid players? That’s not to say that they are completely reliable, because if you’re not careful, you can still get scammed. 

Thus, our resident gamers have compiled the best and most reliable TF2 trading servers in this guide to help you out.

Best Team Fortress 2 Trading Servers

There aren’t a lot of TF2 servers that cater to normal trading like before. Nevertheless, our gamers still advise caution when trading. Here is a list of Team Fortress 2 trading servers:

  1. EGC Trading servers: You can use this server for unusual trading.
  2. Harpoon Gaming servers
  3. Vatican City servers
  4. Firepower servers
Harpoon TF2 Servers Forum

With all these servers, you can be certain to snipe some pretty good deals with other gamers. The reason is that people will quickly sell more than on servers that are not meant for trading. 

Best Team Fortress 2 Discord Trading Servers

Discord trading servers are a pretty good place to wrap up your deals. This server enables you to advertise your trades. However, there are many trash servers out there full of unreal and useless traders, just as there are illegitimate TF2 strange leveling servers. Our expert resident gamers recommend these servers listed below.

  1. r/tf’2 servers
  2. Backpack. tf’s
  3. ThevirtualEconomics
  4. Pyrojoe’s
  5. Tf2automatic’s

They fully dedicated these servers to TF2 Trading. Also, you can find people to play together with, and some of them host giveaways for TF2 skins. Therefore, take full advantage of these servers to enhance your gaming experience.

Where Else Can I Trade TF2 Items?

Asides from using TF2 server, you can trade on some unique gaming websites. These websites allow you to trade in hats, cosmetics, stranges, weapons, and pure items.

trading TF2 items

Here is a list of some of the sites where you can trade TF2 items:


It is important to note that some of these websites offer discounts [1]. All you have to do is promote their brand name or add their domain to your Steam profile.

However, some of them can have more advantages over others. This can be in trade restrictions, how fast you can trade for cash, the difference in available trade items, etc. Irrespective, one thing is certain, the choice is all yours to choose what suits your needs.


How do you trade items in TF2 trade servers?

Trading TF2 items on trade servers is straightforward. Open the character menu by pressing M, selecting Trading, and choosing your server option. After doing this, you will see a list of available people connected to the same server you are on. Select a player, and a trade request will be sent to them.

Why can I not trade in TF2?

You cannot trade items on the TF2 game if you are running a free version. All you have to do to trade is upgrade to the paid version. You can purchase this from the Steam store.


You have all that you need to enhance your gaming experience by using TF2 trading servers. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your gaming experience, try Team Fortress 2 achievement serversThese servers are authentic and are trusted by a number of active TF2 players. Most servers cater to different types of items, from normal to unusual.

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