How Do You Server Hop in WoW?

The popular meme of server hopping in World of Warcraft has been discussed as a strategy for all players to adopt. The idea is that if everyone switches servers regularly, the population will be spread out, and each server can grow faster.

In this guide, our expert gamers will explain everything you need to know about how to server hop in WoW.

What Does Server Hop Mean in WoW?

Server hopping is when you switch servers to find a new, low population server with less competition and more resources. In World of Warcraft, the major game towns are broken up into different servers. Draenor, for example, is broken up into Frosthold, Chaos Reach, Shadowmoon Valley, Nagrand, and Spires of Arak. 

WoW Server HOP

Each server holds its own set of player-to-player interactions and events – it’s like a new world each time. This is why players hop from one server to another to explore new content and meet new players.

Can You Server Hop in Wow?

This is a question that most players have at some point. The short answer is yes. You can server hop in World of Warcraft. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before hopping on your next server. 


Some World of Warcraft add-ons can help server hop. Various third-party programs make it possible to change servers without closing the game and re-login. One example is Elvui, which provides a complete interface for all settings and includes an option for cross-realm play.

WoW on Server HOP

Tips on Hopping Servers in WoW

Below are some must-know tips from our experienced gamers on how to server hop in WoW.


While the term “server hopping” can refer to playing on multiple servers, it can also refer to a specific exploit in World of Warcraft. That being said, server hopping is not a standard or accepted practice in World of Warcraft. Players who engage in this behavior often are banned from the game. For players who want to use this strategy, a few add-ons exist to make it easier.

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