TF2 Achievement Servers and How They Work

In the Team Fortress 2 Game, you will have to play for several hours before you acquire any achievements. The perfect solution to this problem is understanding the game’s achievement servers and how they work. 

In this guide, our resident gamers will introduce you to the dynamics of TF2 achievement servers and how you can leverage them.

How Do Team Fortress 2 Achievement Servers Work?

Achievement servers are tools that can help you unlock items easily in the game. Many people believe that achievement servers are wrong and will get you banned. These servers will not get you banned; instead, they will help you enhance your gaming experience by unlocking items such as the medic kit,kill taunts, and frontline field recorder with ease. 

In fact, with the right server, you can unlock all the 9 weapons in the game in less than 2 hours. Also, you can trade the items you earn using the achievement server.

How to Connect to Achievement Servers

Connecting to the achievements server has never been this easy. To start connecting, follow the steps below:

tf2 community server

How Do You Track Achievements in TF2?

To check achievements in TF2, simply go to the achievements option in the game. There is an option that will make your achievements appear. Alternatively, you can go to Steam Library > Team Fortress 2 > View all achievements.

Steam Achievement Manager

The Steam achievement manager allows you to modify your Steam achievements so that it suits your preference. Since you can make edits and tailor them to your need, your gaming experience will definitely be enhanced.

With the help of the manager, you can get all the achievements in the game. Based on our experience, you can get as many as 500 achievements in 7 hours. The good thing is, it is legit and not bannable. 

What Happens if You Reset Your Achievements in TF2?

If you reset your achievement, you will not be able to receive achievement-based items several times. To reset your achievements go to the Main Menu > View Achievements > Reset Achievements

resetting TF2 achievements

Can You Get Banned For Using Team Fortress 2 Achievement Servers?

This is a misconception among many gamers that they will ban you when you use the achievement server [1]. Fact is, they will not get you banned for using an achievement server. The only downside is that it will inflate your high scores, but you can always wipe this off.

TF2 Achievement Engineer Commands

The achievement engineer commands are highly effective. You can use any of these commands:

Top Achievement Servers Available Today

  1. Ducks awesomebox_idle server
  2. -[] |24/7 idle/Trade #1 [MGE !duel]
  3. [FREE ITEMS] Spirit’s idlefight | 24/7 | FastDL|
  4. idleSever.Com | sever 5| 100% Crit | 24/7 idle | Dallas
  5. idleServer.Com|Sever 4 | 100% Crit |24/7 idle |Dallas
  6. idleServer.Com|Sever 10 | 100% Crit |24/7 idle |Dallas
  7. BlackWonderr LA |Achievement Awesomebox |idle
  8. UK >> 24/7 Achivement/Trading – FREE ITEMS
  9. [Rushy Servers] idle/Trade Server 24/7 |RTD| Fast spawn -US
  10.| Sever 3| Dev Map| 24/7 idle | Dallas
  11. | Bottiger’s 24/7 idle Trade
  12. [EU] Sleeping Knights -IDLE | Store | Taunts |RTD| Resize
  13. idleServer.Com|Sever 10 | 100% Crit |24/7 idle |Dallas
  14.  >> 24/7 idle box – !givemeall
  15. UK >> 24/7 Achivement/Trading – FREE


Can you get achievements on TF2 custom servers?

Yes, you can get achievements on TF2 custom server, much like how Team Fortress 2 sv_pure 0 servers tell the server to use any form of custom content. They are not an exception. Go ahead and explore.


TF2 achievement servers save you all the time and stress of trying to accumulate achievements. Using this tool, you can rack up achievements more efficiently and avoid the difficulties associated with the process. 

And since the server is not bannable or illegal to use, you can leverage it to enhance your gaming experience.

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