TERA BuddyUp Codes TERA

TERA BuddyUp Codes

The new BuddyUp system in TERA is designed to help players easily find and connect with other gamers to play together. But can you trade these new codes with friends? Let’s find out.

Can You Exchange TERA’s New BuddyUp Codes With a Friend?

TERA, a popular Korean MMORPG, is attempting to entice part of its previous player population to return through a campaign called BuddyUp. What exactly is it? 

Players who have reached level 40 can generate a one-of-a-kind “BuddyUp” code from the in-game menu to share with their friends. This code can be applied to any character level 9 or lower to gain excellent in-game rewards such as additional experience and items when you reach various leveling milestones.

TERA BuddyUp Codes

But how exactly does it work? Another frequently asked question is if BuddyUp codes may be traded with a friend. That is, can two players exchange BuddyUp codes and use each other’s, or can one person just act as a mentor [1] to another without also being their mentee? 

Fortunately, you may trade BuddyUp codes one-for-one with a friend. Mentor rewards are also excellent, so don’t pass up this opportunity. Here’s how to find your BuddyUp Code on TERA:

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