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Stellaris Hyper Relay — Your Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered how the hyper relay system works in the game Stellaris? If you’re not sure how it functions, our resident gamers have you covered!

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this fascinating gameplay structure works. If you’re a fan of Stellaris or simply curious about how hyper relays work, this guide will be helpful:

How Does Hyper Relay Work?

Hyper Relays are a rare Tier 2 technology that can only be discovered with the Hyperlane Breach Points technology and access to Rare Crystals. 

Once you’ve seen a working Hyper Relay in another empire’s hands, the technology will appear much more frequently, causing it to spread in a positive way across the galaxy.

hyper relay

Hyper Relays, like Gateways, can be built by your Construction Ships outside of the gravity wells of systems. They’re useless on their own, but a chain of Hyper Relays built in neighboring systems dramatically accelerates travel. 

This will allow you to jump from Relay to Relay after a short windup rather than having to travel across each system at sublight speed, as long as neither endpoint is controlled by a hostile empire.

When two Relays in adjacent systems are linked, the hyper lane between those systems becomes bolder, and ships traveling along it will see the route plotted in blue as they use the bypass. 

Hyper Relays can be built in your own or your subjects’ space. Relays can also be built directly from the Galaxy Map for added convenience [1].

hyper relay map

If an Empire’s capital is linked to the Hyper Relay Network, several Network Edicts can be used to project additional effects through the network. These add strategic resource upkeep to your Hyper Relays and have an effect on all colonies connected to your capital.

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