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Stardew Valley Wheel of Fortune Spinner — Gamble for Star Tokens!

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, there is a Fall Fair, where the Wheel of Fortune Spinner takes center stage. This spinning wheel game presents a chance to earn Star Tokens, the coveted currency of the fair, which can be used to obtain valuable items like the Rarecrow and the Stardrop.

In this article, we’ll explore how to make the most of the Wheel of Fortune Spinner and maximize your chances of winning Star Tokens.

The Wheel of Fortune Spinner

The Wheel of Fortune Spinner is a fair game located in the town square of Pelican Town during the Stardew Valley Fair event, which takes place on Fall 16th every year. Players must arrive in Pelican Town between 9 AM and 3 PM to participate.

The Spinner is situated below Pierre’s General Store, beneath the red and white booth, and is manned by a dapper gentleman in a black suit.

How to Play

Interacting with the Spinner presents a menu where players can bet their Star Tokens on the game. The objective is to predict the color the spinner will land on, either orange or green.

wheel of fortune spinner stardew valley

It’s important to note that the game is rigged in favor of the player, with a 75% chance of the spinner landing on green and a 25% chance of landing on orange.

However, individual spins are not guaranteed, so protecting yourself against potential losses is essential while aiming for maximum gains.

Calculating Bet Sizes

It is advisable to follow a betting strategy to optimize your token winnings. The following formula, based on the Kelly Criterion for bet sizing, can be used if you start with 1,000 Star Tokens (assuming you’ve won the Grange Display contest):

The likelihood of losing all three bets in a row is extremely rare. After a win, revert to betting 160 Star Tokens on green and repeat the process until you accumulate the desired token amount.

betting wager stardew valley

Obtaining Star Tokens

Using the betting strategy mentioned above, you can amass a number of Star Tokens faster than simply purchasing them from the token-selling booth or playing the minigames [1].

It’s recommended to continue betting until you have at least 2,800 Star Tokens, allowing you to acquire both the Rarecrow and the Stardrop from the fair shop. These items serve as rare collectibles and offer significant benefits to enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Additional Tips

Token Betting Limit

The Wheel of Fortune Spinner has a maximum betting limit of 1,000 Star Tokens per spin. This means you cannot bet more than 1,000 tokens on a single spin, regardless of your strategy or accumulated tokens.

Rarecrows and Stardrop

The Wheel of Fortune Spinner is a great way to accumulate Star Tokens and acquire valuable items. There are eight Rarecrows available throughout the game.

Collecting all eight allows you to craft a deluxe scarecrow. The Stardrop is another sought-after item, as it increases your maximum energy by 34 points.

picking color spinning wheel stardew valley

Other Fall Fair Games

While the Wheel of Fortune Spinner offers a lucrative opportunity to win Star Tokens, don’t forget to explore and participate in other games and activities at the Fall Fair.

These include the Grange Display contest, where you can showcase your best products to win Star Tokens and other games like the Fishing Booth Minigame and Slingshot Minigame.

Seasonal Availability

The Fall Fair event occurs only once yearly on Fall 16th. Therefore, making the most of this opportunity when it arrives is crucial.

Plan your in-game schedule accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on the festivities and the chance to earn Star Tokens for the shop.

winning at spinning wheel stardew valley


The Wheel of Fortune Spinner in Stardew Valley’s Fall Fair presents an exciting opportunity to win Star Tokens and acquire valuable items. Employing a betting strategy can maximize your chances of accumulating tokens.

So head to the Fall Fair, give the Wheel of Fortune Spinner a spin, and enjoy the thrill of the game while reaping the rewards!

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