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All Aboard the Express: Exploring the Wonders of Stardew Valley’s Train

Stardew Valley, developed by ConcernedApe, has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its immersive life-sim and farming gameplay. Despite the genre’s rise, Stardew Valley remains one of the most beloved titles.

While players explore the vast world of Pelican Town, one event often intrigues and confuses them—the Train Passing Through. This article will delve into this event’s intricacies, highlighting its resources and providing strategies to optimize resource-gathering efforts.

Accessing the Railroad

To experience the Train Passing Through event, players must gain access to the Railroad area within Pelican Town.

Located north of the Mountain region, the Railroad is initially obstructed by a large boulder. Players can only reach this area once a significant event takes place.

On the 3rd day of Summer, in the first year of gameplay, an earthquake occurs, shaking the land and removing the boulder that blocks access to the Railroad.

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The Train Passing Through Event

The Train Passing Through event occurs randomly in Stardew Valley. However, certain conditions must be met for the event to take place. Players must be outside when the event triggers, and the Railroad area should be open.

Timing and event notification

The Train Passing Through event occurs between 9 AM and 6 PM in-game time. When the event occurs, players receive a notification indicating that “A train is passing through Stardew Valley” with the sound of a train whistle.

Player interaction and dangers

During the Train Passing Through event, players can interact with the train and collect the resources it drops. However, exercising caution and avoiding specific actions like facing it head-on is essential, as it knocks you back and deals some damage.

Resources Dropped by the Train

The Train Passing Through event in Stardew Valley provides an excellent opportunity for players to gather valuable resources. While it’s not a requirement to be there while the train passes, the items will disappear the next day if the player does not collect it.

As the train moves along the tracks, it may drop various items onto the rails:




Iron Ore



Leprechaun Shoes

Each resource holds significant value in different aspects of the game.

waiting a drop on the train stardew valley

Importance of collecting the dropped items

Collecting the resources dropped by the train during the Train Passing Through event can greatly benefit players’ progression in Stardew Valley.

These resources are essential for various activities, including upgrading tools, constructing buildings and farm structures, crafting valuable items, and fueling furnaces.

By taking advantage of this event, players can save time that would otherwise be spent searching for and gathering these resources manually.

Train Types in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features different trains that can pass through the Railroad area. Each train has its characteristics and can offer unique benefits or visual aesthetics.

1. Red train (Winter, presents)

The red train is a particular type that only appears during Winter. This train carries delightful presents, making it an exciting event for players to experience.

winter train stardew valley

2. Standard resource train

The regular resource train is the standard train type players will encounter during most Train Passing Through events. This train moves twice the speed of others, dropping resources as it passes.

3. Blue train (faster speed, barred windows)

The blue train is a variant that shares the same speed as the standard resource train but features barred windows. Although it moves quickly, making it more challenging to catch, it adds visual variety and a touch of uniqueness to the Train Passing Through event.

4. Passenger train

The passenger train consists of multiple cars designed to carry passengers. Its appearance adds life and realism to the game world, making the Train Passing Through event more immersive.

5. Dark grey train

The dark grey train is distinguished by its Joja logos, indicating ownership by the Joja Corporation. This train serves as a reminder of the game’s corporate presence and provides a contrast to the more rustic and community-oriented aspects of Stardew Valley.

joja train stardew valley


The Train Passing Through event in Stardew Valley provides an excellent opportunity for resource gathering and adds depth to the gameplay [1] experience. By accessing the Railroad area and paying attention to the event notifications, players can collect various valuable items, from essential resources to rare treasures.

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