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How to Craft Starfruit Wine in Stardew Valley’s Bountiful Vineyards

Stardew Valley, a charming and immersive farming simulation game, offers players many opportunities to engage in various activities, from farming and mining to fishing and combat. One of the game’s most rewarding and lucrative aspects is winemaking, particularly the crafting of Starfruit Wine.

In this guide, we will delve into the allure of Starfruit Wine and its significance in the game, providing expert advice on cultivating Starfruit, crafting the Wine Press, and maximizing profits through efficient winemaking and selling practices.

Understanding the Starfruit

Starfruit is a valuable crop in Stardew Valley, known for its rarity and high selling price. It can be grown during the summer season and has the potential to produce exceptional quality wine. Let’s explore why Starfruit is a prized asset for any aspiring winemaker in the game.


Growth Time

Harvests Per Season

Base Selling Price


13 days



Cultivating Starfruit

Before crafting Starfruit Wine, it is essential to cultivate an ample supply of this exceptional crop. Here are some crucial tips for successful Starfruit cultivation:

harvesting starfruit stardew valley

Season and Seeds

Starfruit can only be grown during the summer season. Ensure you purchase Starfruit Seeds from the Oasis for 400g each at the start of the season. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Traveling Cart for 600 to 1,000g each if it’s in their stock that day.

Farming Techniques

To maximize your Starfruit yield, consider using Deluxe Speed-Gro fertilizer and planting the seeds in the greenhouse, allowing faster continuous production regardless of the season.

Quality Boost

High-quality Speed-Gro fertilizer or Deluxe Speed-Gro will increase the chances of growing Silver or Gold Starfruit.

Crafting the Keg

The Keg is a crucial crafting device required for making Starfruit Wine. Unlocking it allows players to create premium quality wine from their Starfruit harvest.

Crafting Recipe


Recipe Source

30x Wood, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, 1x Oak Resin

Wine Press

Farming Level 8

Crafting Starfruit Wine

keg recipe stardew valley

Crafting Starfruit Wine is a multi-step process that involves fermentation and aging. Let’s explore the steps to transform your precious Starfruit into exquisite wine. Here’s how to make wine

1. Crafting the Keg

Before making Starfruit Wine, ensure you have constructed the Keg using the required resources.

2. Conversion Process

Place your harvested Starfruit into the Keg to produce Starfruit Wine. Each Starfruit will produce one bottle of Starfruit Wine.

3. Fermentation

After placing the Starfruit in the Keg, the fermentation process begins, which takes around seven days to complete.

Maximizing Profits and Benefits

Crafting Starfruit Wine is not only a rewarding endeavor in terms of gameplay but also offers substantial monetary rewards. Furthermore, aging the wine will yield a higher profit.

Starfruit Wine Quality

Aging Time in Cask

Base Price

Artisan (+40%)

Regular Quality

0 Days



Silver Quality

14 Days



Gold Quality

28 Days



Iridium Quality

56 Days



Here’s how you can maximize profits and benefits from your Starfruit Wine production:

starfruit wine profits stardew valley

Aging for Quality in Casks

Age your Starfruit Wine to a higher quality whenever possible before selling it. Silver to Iridium Quality Starfruit Wine fetches a significantly higher price than regular quality.

Placing Starfruit Wine in Casks in your cellar further enhances its quality and value. Casks are available after the final farmhouse upgrade is finished

Artisan Profession

Choosing the Artisan profession at Level 10 in the farming skill tree (Tiller Profession) grants a 40% boost [1] in the selling price of crafted goods, including Starfruit Wine.

Kegs for Efficiency

Consider using multiple Kegs to process your other Starfruit into wine, as each Keg can only handle one at a time.

Alternative Uses for Starfruit

While crafting Starfruit Wine is the most lucrative use of Starfruit, there are alternative ways to utilize this valuable crop in Stardew Valley:

junimo huts stardew valley

Junimo Hut

Starfruit is a key ingredient to craft the Junimo Hut. It can be purchased at the Wizard’s Tower, requiring 20,000g, 200x Stone, 9x Starfruit, and 100x Fiber.

Community Center Bundles

Completing bundles in the Community Center requires specific crops, and Starfruit is one of the requirements for the Remixed Dye Bundle at the Community Center Bulletin Board.


Crafting Starfruit Wine in Stardew Valley’s bountiful farm offers a lucrative opportunity for players to reap substantial profits and indulge in winemaking.

By understanding the importance of Starfruit, cultivating the crop, crafting the Keg, and following expert tips and strategies, players can maximize their gameplay experience and financial gains.

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