Obtaining a Keg stardew valley Stardew Valley

From Vine to Vino: How to Make Wine in Stardew Valley

One of the critical aspects of Stardew Valley is wine-making. It plays a crucial role in the game as it offers multiple benefits, including a source of income, energy restoration, and buffs to the player’s abilities.

In this article, we will explore the process of wine-making in Stardew Valley, from acquiring the necessary ingredients to improving the quality of the wine.

Acquiring the Necessary Ingredients for Wine Making

Obtaining a Keg

To begin wine-making, players need to acquire a Keg. The keg is an Artisan Equipment that allows them to ferment crops or fruits into wine. 

Its recipe [1] is given at Farming Level 8 or received as a reward for completing the Artisan Bundle or Brewer’s Bundle at the Community Center Pantry.

Crafting a Keg requires 30x Wood, 1x Copper Bar, 1x Iron Bar, and 1x Oak Resin each. Once obtained, the Keg can be placed on the farm or in the player’s house for use.

Obtaining a Keg stardew valley

Gathering Crops or Fruits

The next step is gathering the necessary wine-making ingredients. Players can use various fruits to produce Wine. Common choices include grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

These can be grown on the farm or obtained from foraging, festivals, or Traveling Merchant purchases.

Processing Fruits into Wine

Collecting Fruits

Players can begin the wine-making process once the crops or fruits have been acquired. They need to collect a sufficient quantity of the chosen fruit. Each keg can hold one fruit, and it takes a few days for the keg to complete the fermentation process.

Placing Fruits in the Keg

After collecting the fruits, players must place them inside the keg. Simply interact with the keg and select the fruit from the inventory to initiate fermentation. The keg will display a moving animation, indicating that it’s in the process of fermentation.

Waiting for fermentation

The fermentation process takes time, and players must exercise patience. The length of time required for fermentation is around 7 days or 1 in-game week.

waiting for full production of keg stardew valley

Players can utilize this waiting time to engage in other farm activities, such as tending to crops, mining, or fishing. It is important to note that the keg cannot be interacted with or moved during this time.

Harvesting the Wine

Identifying fully fermented wine

Players should inspect the keg to determine if the wine is fully fermented. If the processing time is done, the wine icon is on a speech bubble floating above the Keg.

It’s important to note that leaving the wine in the keg beyond the fermentation period will not produce better quality wine.

Collecting and Storing the Wine

After confirming the completion of fermentation, players can collect the wine from the Keg. Simply interact with the Keg to retrieve the wine, and it will be automatically stored in the player’s inventory.

Selling and Consuming the Wine

Selling Wine for Profit

One of the primary benefits of wine-making in Stardew Valley is selling the wine for profit. The selling price of wine varies depending on the quality and type of fruit used. The formula for Wine prices is (3 x Base Fruit Value).

selling wine stardew valley

Higher-quality wine fetches a higher price, making it a lucrative business for players but it requires aging in Casks.

Selling wine can provide a significant source of income to expand the farm and purchase new upgrades.

Consuming Wine for Energy and Buffs

In addition to its financial benefits, the player can consume wine to restore Health and Energy. Drinking wine restores a significant amount of Energy, allowing players to continue their daily tasks without running out of stamina.

However, Wine also has some buffs that can be considered debuffs, as it makes the player Tipsy and decreases Speed by 1. This lasts for 30 seconds.

Improving Wine Quality

Aging Wine using a Cask

The quality of Wine produced in a Keg is not dependent on the quality of fruit, as it always yields a base-value wine. You can improve the quality of wine by aging it in a cask. Casks can be crafted and received after the final farmhouse upgrade.

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Aging Wine using a Cask​ stardew valley

When wine is placed in a Cask, it undergoes further aging, resulting in higher-quality wine over time. The longer the wine remains in the cask, the better its quality.


Aging Time

Selling Price Formula

Base Quality Wine

0 Days

(3 x Base Fruit Value)

Silver Quality Wine (x1.25)

14 Days

(3 x Base Fruit Value) x 1.25

Gold Quality Wine (x1.5)

28 Days

(3 x Base Fruit Value) x 1.50

Iridium Quality Wine (x2)

56 Days

(3 x Base Fruit Value) x 2


The benefits of wine-making in Stardew Valley are multifold. It provides a source of income, restores energy, and offers the ability to age it for further profit. By improving the quality of wine through aging in casks, players can maximize their profits and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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