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Sebastian’s Gifts in Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Guide to Charming the Reclusive Programmer!

Sebastian, a resident of Pelican Town, is a mysterious and intriguing character in Stardew Valley. Understanding his gifts, schedule, and marriage options is essential for players looking to develop a meaningful relationship with him.

In this guide, we will explore Sebastian’s heart events, gift preferences, schedule, and the process of marrying him.

Sebastian's Heart Events

You must trigger heart events at specific friendship levels to deepen your connection with Sebastian.

At Two Hearts

To initiate this heart event, simply go to Sebastian’s room while he is at home. Engaging in conversation with him about his career will help build your relationship.

At Four Hearts

Find Sebastian on the mountain between 11 AM and 5 PM. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend time together while he’s working on his motorcycle and strengthen your bond.

stardew valley sebastian 4 heart event

At Six Hearts

Like the Two Hearts event, visit Sebastian’s room when he is home. Take this chance to play with him and learn more about his life.

At Eight Hearts

Meet Sebastian at the bottom of the pier boardwalk on a rainy day between 12 NN and 11 PM. This encounter will further develop your relationship and bring you closer to him and his thoughts.

At Ten Hearts

Sebastian can be found on the mountain between 8 PM and 12 AM. Make sure to visit him during this time to experience a heart event that showcases his feelings for you.

At Fourteen Hearts

On a rainy day, head to the mountain between 6 AM and 7 PM to encounter Sebastian. This heart event will deepen your marriage and solidify your bond.

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Sebastian's Gift Preferences

Knowing the best and worst gifts for Sebastian is crucial to impressing him and increasing your friendship. Giving him a gift on his birthday (Winter 10) will have an 8x multiplier effect on your friendship points.

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Best Gifts

  • All Universal Loves
  • Void Eggs: These rare eggs can be purchased from Krobus in the Sewers or laid by Void Chickens when grown in a coop.
  • Frozen Tears: They can be found while mining in the Mines (Floors 40 to 79) or by processing geodes.
  • Sashimi: Simply prepared with fish, Sashimi is a delightful gift for Sebastian.
  • Obsidian: Found inside a Magma or Omni Geode, Obsidian is an excellent gift choice for him.

Worst Gifts

  • All Universal Hates
  • All Artisan Goods (excluding Coffee, Green Tea, and Oil)
  • All Eggs (excluding Void Egg)
  • Clay
  • Complete Breakfast
  • Farmer’s Lunch
  • Omelet
  • Pina Colada

Sebastian's Schedule

Understanding Sebastian’s schedule allows you to plan your interactions more effectively.

Spring Schedule

Sebastian is often found in his room working on his computer or wandering around Pelican Town during spring. He also enjoys visiting the lake and exploring the mountain area of Stardew Valley.

Summer Schedule

In the summer, Sebastian spends time at the beach and continues exploring the mountain, appreciating the natural surroundings.

walking into the river stardew valley

Fall Schedule

On sunny days, Sebastian likes to enjoy the beach. However, on rainy days, he heads to the beach or to the Stardrop Saloon. Additionally, he spends time working on programming projects in his room.

Winter Schedule

During winter, Sebastian stays home or ventures to the mountain area.

Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

  • Engage in conversations with Sebastian daily and at town events to learn about his interests and thoughts.
  • Give him gifts he appreciates, paying attention to his preferred items.
  • Participate in activities he enjoys, such as playing video games or visiting the beach.

Requirements for Marriage with Sebastian

  • Upgrade your farmhouse to the second level [1] to accommodate married life.
  • Have at least a 10 Heart Friendship level with Sebastian and maintain it.
  • Acquire a Mermaid Pendant from the Old Mariner on the beach for 5,000g on a rainy day and propose to Sebastian.
  • Witness all of Sebastian’s heart in-game events to deepen your connection before, during, and after marriage.

Wedding Preparations and Ceremony

To marry Sebastian, propose using a Mermaid’s Pendant, and the wedding ceremony will occur three days later at the Pelican Town Square. Invite friends and townsfolk to witness your union and celebrate your love.

marrying sebastian stardew valley


Sebastian’s enigmatic personality and intriguing background make him a compelling character to pursue in Stardew Valley. You can build a solid and meaningful relationship with him by understanding his heart events, preferences, schedule, and marriage.

So embark on this journey, uncover the depths of Sebastian’s character, and experience the joy in Stardew Valley.

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