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The Majestic Oak Tree in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, with its exceptional art design and heartwarming NPCs, has captivated the hearts of players worldwide. Trees are vital in providing resources and enhancing the gameplay experience in this farming simulation game.

Among the various trees in Stardew Valley, Oak Trees hold particular significance. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into the world of Oak Trees, helping players understand their characteristics, growth process, identification, and the valuable resources they provide.

Understanding Oak Trees

Oak Trees are common throughout Stardew Valley and are easily recognizable due to their distinctive characteristics. They have a sturdy trunk and a full, leafy canopy. Their appearance varies each season, adding to the game’s immersive experience.

Identifying Oak Trees

Oak Trees have a unique structure and consistent appearance throughout the seasons [1], making them easily identifiable. Players can distinguish Oak Trees from other tree types by observing their characteristics. The tables below provide additional details.

finding oak tree stardew valley

Table 1: Unique Characteristics of Oak Trees



Tree Trunk

Sturdy and well-defined

Leafy Canopy

Full and vibrant

Seasonal Variation

The color scheme changes with each season

Table 2: Oak Tree Appearance by Season


Oak Tree Appearance


Lush green leaves and vibrant tree trunk


Blue-green leaves and brownish trunk


Rust-colored leaves and brown trunk


Bare branches and grayish trunk

In addition to appearance, players can identify Oak Trees through the products they provide. Acorns and Oak Resin in Stardew Valley are specific to Oak Trees and can be used as further confirmation.

For more detailed information, players can refer to the Stardew Valley Wiki, a comprehensive resource that offers extensive knowledge about the game.

Growing Oak Resources

Oak Trees provide players with various valuable resources. Players can obtain Wood and Sap, possibly Acorn as well, essential for crafting, construction, and fertilizer production, by chopping down Oak Trees.

Even Hardwood can be received if players have acquired the Lumberjack Profession. Another significant resource is Oak Resin obtained from Oak Trees through tapping.

cutting trees stardew valley

Growing Oak Trees

Acorns are the necessary seed for planting more Oak Trees. Players can acquire Acorns in different ways. The most common method is chopping down or shaking Oak Trees, which has a chance of dropping Acorns.

It may also be available at the Traveling Cart’s randomized stock, sold for 100 to 1,000g. Additionally, players can find Acorns by searching Garbage Cans around town or using an Axe or Pickaxe on planted Acorns in some regions of Stardew Valley.

Once players have obtained Acorns, they can plant them in suitable locations on their farm or designated outdoor areas.

Oak Trees require ample growth space, so choosing appropriate planting spots is essential. The process of planting Acorns is straightforward and visually represented in the game.

Table 3: Planting Process for Oak Trees



1. Select

Choose a suitable location, preferably dirt, for planting Acorns

2. Equip

Equip Acorns in the player’s inventory

3. Interact

Right-click on the chosen spot to plant the Acorn

4. Confirm

Confirm the placement of the Acorn on the ground

Oak Trees go through five stages of growth before reaching maturity. The growth time of Oak Trees is influenced by various factors, including the presence of nearby trees, rocks, and other objects that may obstruct their growth.

cutting wood trees stardew valley

On average, Oak Trees take approximately 24 days to reach full maturity.

Table 4: Growth Stages of Oak Trees

Growth Stage


Stage 1

Planted Acorn on the ground

Stage 2

Small sapling with three leaves

Stage 3

Slightly taller with a few more leaves

Stage 4

Small tree with a fuller canopy

Stage 5

Mature tree with a fully developed canopy

Obtaining Oak Resin

Oak Resin is a valuable resource obtained primarily from Oak Trees. Players can tap fully mature Oak Trees using a Tapper, a crafted item placed on the tree trunk. The tapping process takes around 7 to 8 days, during which one Oak Resin is produced.

picking up oak resin stardew valley


Understanding Oak Trees’ significance in Stardew Valley is essential for maximizing gameplay potential. These trees provide valuable resources such as Wood, Sap, Acorns, Hardwood, and Oak Resin.

Tapping and utilizing fertilizers effectively obtain Oak Resin and accelerate growth. Plant to your heart’s content and explore the many trees of Stardew Valley!

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