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Unlocking Undersea Love: The Allure of the Stardew Valley Mermaid Pendant!

Stardew Valley, a beloved farming simulation game, allows players to build relationships and experience the joy of marriage. At the heart of this romantic journey lies the Mermaid’s Pendant, a symbol of eternal love and commitment.

In this guide, we will explore the process of obtaining the Mermaid’s Pendant and highlight the significance of building relationships and getting married in the game.

Obtaining the Mermaid's Pendant

Purchasing from the Old Mariner

The Old Mariner, a mysterious character, is the key to acquiring the Mermaid’s Pendant. Players can find him beyond the bridge on the right side of the Beach, which requires 300 pieces of wood to repair.

However, the Old Mariner is only present on rainy days, making it crucial to watch the weather forecast. During Winter, when rain is scarce, players can summon the Old Mariner using a Rain Totem.

Purchasing from the Old Mariner stardew valley

Here are  the location and appearance details of the Old Mariner:


Appearance Time


6 AM – 7 PM

Conditions to Purchase the Pendant

Before players can purchase the Mermaid’s Pendant, they must fulfill certain conditions. These include reaching a 10-heart friendship level with a potential marriage candidate, expressing romantic intentions by giving a bouquet when the friendship goes eight hearts, and completing the first farmhouse upgrade.

It’s important to note that players already married or have a housemate can only purchase another pendant once divorced [1] or single. The Old Mariner will not sell a Mermaid Pendant if you have a spouse or housemate.

Here are the conditions to Purchase the Mermaid’s Pendant:



Friendship level with a marriage candidate

Ten Heart Friendship Level

The bouquet should be given upon reaching eight Hearts of Friendship


Completion of the first farmhouse upgrade


Function and Usage of the Mermaid's Pendant

Proposal of Marriage

Mermaid's pendant stardew valley

The primary purpose of the Mermaid’s Pendant is to propose marriage to a chosen candidate. Players can present the pendant to their beloved as a heartfelt gesture and a symbol of their commitment. It holds great significance in Stardew Valley’s marriage mechanics.

Inability to Sell the Pendant

Unlike other items in the game, the Mermaid’s Pendant cannot be sold. It is a precious token of love that remains with the player until it is given to a marriage candidate.

Tips for Obtaining the Mermaid's Pendant

Timing and Weather Considerations

Timing plays a crucial role in obtaining the Mermaid’s Pendant. As the Old Mariner only appears on rainy days, players should plan their visits to the beach accordingly.

Keeping track of the weather forecast and being patient on rainy days increases the chances of encountering the Old Mariner. However, Winter poses a challenge due to the scarcity of rain. Using Rain Totems or waiting for Spring can help ensure a meeting with the Old Mariner.

Relationship and House Requirements

Building a solid relationship with a potential spouse is essential. Players must invest time and effort to reach a 10-heart Friendship Level with their chosen partner. Additionally, completing the first farmhouse upgrade unlocks purchasing the pendant, as it adds a separate and larger bedroom.

leveling heart relationship stardew valley

Expressing romantic intentions by giving a bouquet when the friendship reaches Eight Hearts is a significant step towards obtaining the Mermaid’s Pendant.

Trivia and Additional Information

The Old Mariner Refers to the Pendant as an "Old Amulet"

During interactions with the Old Mariner, players may notice him referring to the Mermaid’s Pendant as an “old amulet.” It adds mystery and nostalgia to the item, emphasizing its significance in the game’s lore.

Changes in the Feast of the Winter Star Event

In the 1.4.4 update, it became impossible to gift the Mermaid’s Pendant during the Feast of the Winter Star event. This change affects players’ ability to present the pendant as a gift during this festive occasion.

Availability of Divorce for 50,000g from a Book in Lewis's House

By paying a fee of 50,000g and visiting Lewis’s house, players can bring closure to an existing union.

visiting lewis house stardew valley


The Mermaid’s Pendant holds immense significance in Stardew Valley, representing the ultimate commitment and love necessary for marriage.

Acquiring this cherished item requires players to invest time and effort into building solid relationships, fulfilling specific requirements, and patiently waiting for the opportunity to present the pendant.

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