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Stardew Valley Mayor’s Shorts — Where to Find and About the Quest

Welcome to the world of Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation role-playing video game full of exciting quests and intriguing characters. 

One peculiar storyline with players everywhere talking is the mystery of Mayor Lewis’s lost lucky shorts. Here’s all you need to know about this curious Stardew Valley quest.

Importance of the Mayor's Shorts Quest

Stardew Valley isn’t just about farming and mining; it’s a game that thrives on relationships. And the lost “Shorts” quest represents a perfect example. 

At first glance, this seemingly trivial task may appear inconsequential, but delving deeper into it unveils a fascinating web of connections between characters and uncovers hidden details about the Valley’s beloved Mayor Lewis.

When players stumble upon the lost pair of shorts in Pelican Town, their initial reaction might be amusement or curiosity. 

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' shorts quest

However, as they embark on the quest to reunite these wayward garments with their rightful owner, they soon discover that there’s more to this quest than meets the eye. 

Through engaging conversations with the townsfolk, players gain insights into the unique dynamics and intricate relationships that shape the lives of the villagers.

As the quest progresses, Pelican Town’s community threads begin to unravel, revealing surprising connections between its inhabitants. 

Players might learn about the secret friendship between Mayor Lewis and Marnie, the unexpected past shared by Clint and Emily, or the bittersweet story of Pam and Penny. 

Each interaction sheds light on the complex tapestry of emotions and histories that contribute to the fabric of this charming rural community.

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' purple shorts

Moreover, the lost “Shorts” quest offers a window into Mayor Lewis’ character. Previously seen as a responsible and respected figure, this whimsical misplacement of his clothing adds a touch of vulnerability and relatability to his persona. 

It serves as a reminder that even the most esteemed individuals have quirks and moments of absent-mindedness.

How to Unlock the Mayor's Shorts Quest

You must unlock the quest before retrieving the Stardew Valley Mayor’s shorts. The quest becomes available on the 3rd of Summer. He will send you a letter describing his predicament, effectively kick-starting your search.

Locating the Stardew Valley Mayor's Shorts

Now to the meat of the matter – finding Mayor Lewis’s shorts. They are hidden away at Marnie’s Ranch, located at Cindersap Forest, on the southeastern part of the map. To be precise, you’ll find the shorts in Marnie’s bedroom. 

Stardew Valley - Marnie's place

However, getting access to Marnie’s room isn’t straightforward; you must have achieved a friendship level of at least two hearts with her. So, be sure to give her gifts and engage in conversations to boost your friendship level.

Returning the Shorts to Mayor Lewis

Having successfully located the mayor’s shorts, the next step is returning them. This part is simple. 

Just find Mayor Lewis – usually around the town square or at his home in the northeast of the map – and hand over the shorts. He’ll be quite relieved, rewarding you with 1 Friendship Heart with him and 750g.

Extra Tips and Tricks for the Mayor's Shorts Quest

While the process seems straightforward, there are some things to remember. First, the quickest way to increase your friendship level with Marnie (and any other character) is by giving them their favorite items as gifts. Marnie, for instance, loves diamonds and pink cake.

Stardew Valley - Marnie's loved gifts

Second, be cautious about where and when you choose to return the shorts to Mayor Lewis. Presenting them to him during the Stardew Valley Fair might seem hilarious, but be prepared for some fallout!

What Marnie Likes in Stardew Valley

Below is a categorized list of items that Marnie likes in Stardew Valley [1], which can help you to increase your friendship levels:

Marnie’s Preferences Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5
Universal Loves Magic Rock Candy Prismatic Shard Rabbit’s Foot Pearl Golden Pumpkin
Loves Diamond Pink Cake Pumpkin Pie Farmer’s Lunch
Likes All Universal Likes Quartz Egg (except Void Egg) Milk (all kinds)
ItemsCategoryFriendship Points
Magic Rock CandyUniversal Loves80
Prismatic ShardUniversal Loves80
Rabbit’s FootUniversal Loves80
PearlUniversal Loves80
Golden PumpkinUniversal Loves80
Pink CakeLoves80
Pumpkin PieLoves80
Farmer’s LunchLoves80
All Universal LikesLikes45
All Eggs (except Void Egg)Likes45
Milk (all kinds)Likes45

Remember, giving Marnie items that she loves or likes on her birthday (Fall 18) will have an even bigger impact on your friendship level!

Stardew Valley - Marnie grateful for gift

The Alternative Fate of the Mayor's Shorts

If you’re mischievous, there are other interesting fates for the mayor’s shorts. You could, for instance, put them in the Luau Soup during the summer festival and witness a cutscene of the Governor’s reaction.

Or even better, display them in your grange during the Stardew Valley Fair and see Mayor Lewis’ solution to this situation. Be warned; these actions will earn you a good chuckle but could strain your relationship with the mayor.


The Stardew Valley Mayor’s Shorts quest is more than simple; it explores relationships and a fun dive into character backstories. 

It may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of strategy and a dash of humor, it’s an incredibly enjoyable part of the Stardew Valley experience. So put on your farmer hat, roll up your sleeves, and prepare to uncover all the secrets of Mayor Lewis’s missing shorts!

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