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The Perfect Gifts for Leah in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, love is in the air, and building solid relationships with the townspeople is essential. One of the potential marriage candidates in the game is Leah, a talented artist who resides in a cozy cottage at Cindersap Forest. 

This comprehensive guide aims to help players win Leah’s heart by understanding her gift preferences and maximizing their friendship.

Importance of Gift-Giving for Friendship

In Stardew Valley, giving liked and loved gifts is crucial to developing strong friendships. By offering gifts that Leah enjoys, players can earn valuable friendship points and progress toward a deeper relationship. 

Now, let’s delve into Leah’s loved and liked gifts to pave the way to her heart.

Leah's Loved Gifts in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Leah

To win Leah’s heart, knowing the gifts she loves is essential. Here are some of the items that will make her heart flutter:


Friendship Points

All Universal Loves


+ 400 (Feast of the Winter Star x5 effecr multiplier)

+ 640 (Birthday x8 effect multiplier


Goat Cheese



Poppyseed Muffin

Vegetable Medley

Stir Fry

Presenting these Loved gifts to Leah will significantly boost your friendship and bring you closer to romance.

Availability of Loved Gifts and Recipes

Some of Leah’s loved gifts in Stardew Valley can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart. Others require specific recipes that players can learn and obtain by advancing or exploring the game. 

Heart event for Leah

For example, the Vegetable Medley recipe can be obtained by reaching a 7+ Friendship Heart level with Caroline. The recipe only requires 1x Tomato and 1x Beet.

It’s worth investing time and effort into acquiring these recipes to ensure a steady supply of loved gifts for Leah.

The Importance of Leah's Birthday in Stardew Valley

Leah’s birthday is on Winter 23rd. Remembering to give her a loved gift on this special day will make her extremely happy and boost your friendship with an 8x multiplier effect. Mark your calendar and prepare something memorable for Leah to celebrate this moment.

Leah hanging out beside pond during spring

Leah's Liked Gifts in Stardew Valley

Aside from loved gifts, there is a wide range of items that Leah likes. While these gifts won’t earn as many friendship points as treasured gifts, they still contribute positively to your relationship. Here are some examples of gifts that Leah likes:


Friendship Points

All Universal Likes (excluding Foraged Minerals, Gems, Carp Surprise, Cookie, Hashbrowns, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Pink Cake, Pizza, Rice Pudding, Survival Burger, Tortilla)


+225 (Feast of the Winter Star x5 effect multiplier)

+360 (Birthday x8 effect multiplier)


Common Mushroom








Magma Cap


Snow Yam

Purple Mushroom

Wild Horseradish

Spring Onion

Winter Root


Finding Liked Gifts

Stardew Valley - Daffodil inventory

Many of Leah’s liked gifts can be found throughout Stardew Valley. Forageables like Daffodils, Dandelions, and Leeks can be discovered in the Spring, while Hazelnuts and Common Mushroom are abundant during the Fall. 

Watch for these items during your daily activities or explore the forest to gather them for Leah.

Leah's Preferences for Common Items

Leah also appreciates more straightforward gifts considered as All Universal Neutral Gifts, such as Driftwood, Fruits, Eggs, Milk, and other everyday items found on the farm. 

While these gifts won’t yield a significant increase in friendship points, they are an excellent way to show thoughtfulness and maintain a positive connection with her.

Universal Gifts in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley features a set of universally-loved and universally-liked gifts that most characters appreciate. However, Leah has a few exceptions to these lists, so it’s essential to focus on her preferences.

stardew valley giving gifts

Leah’s exceptions to the universal likes list include Bread, Fried Egg, and Truffle.

Leah's Schedule and Heart Events

Understanding Leah’s schedule is essential for maximizing your encounters and deepening your connection. 

While her routine varies slightly depending on the season, Leah can often be found near her cottage, the Saloon, or exploring the forest. Take note of her activities and plan your interactions accordingly.

Additionally, certain Leah’s heart events will be triggered as your friendship with her reaches specific levels. These events provide opportunities to learn more about Leah’s past and aspirations, strengthening your bond and paving the way for a romantic relationship when the 8 Heart Friendship Level is reached, and even marriage at 10 Hearts.


Winning Leah’s heart in Stardew Valley requires thoughtful gift-giving and an understanding of her preferences. By presenting her with loved and liked gifts while avoiding items she dislikes or hates, players can gradually build a strong bond with Leah. 

Remember her birthday, engage in heart events, and participate in events to foster romance[1] with this character.

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