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Meet Jas in Stardew Valley: Spirited Young Girl of Pelican Town

Stardew Valley, a captivating farming simulation game, allows players to interact with diverse characters. Among them is Jas, a spirited and adventurous young girl who brings joy to the village of Pelican Town. 

This article will delve into Jas’ schedule and explore her preferred gifts to help you know her better.

All About Jas in Stardew Valley

Jas is a lively and enthusiastic young girl who radiates positivity wherever she goes. With her dark purple hair, pink bow, and infectious smile, she captivates the hearts of players. 

Jas often plays with her best friend, Vincent, around town or studies with Penny. Her birthday is on Winter 18th.

Relationships (with Marnie and Shane)

Jas shares a special bond with her aunt Marnie, her guardian and caretaker. Additionally, she has formed a close friendship with her godfather Shane, a resident of Pelican Town. They both live with her at Marnie’s Ranch. Jas’ parents are said to be dead.

Stardew Valley - Jas and Vincent

She’s also good friends with Vincent, who’s around her age, and their teacher Penny. They’re often seen together going to the Museum or playing outside. These relationships emphasize the strong sense of community and connection between people in Stardew Valley.

Unique Schedules

Jas follows unique routines on specific days:

1. Tuesday the 9th & Tuesday the 23rd

These days, Jas is seen jump roping at Cindersap Forest under the big tree from 11 AM to 3 PM. She returns home afterward and goes to sleep at 9 PM.

2. Winter 15

Jas participates in the Night Market at The Beach on this day. She jumps ropes at the forest from 11 AM to 2:50 PM, where she walks to the beach for the event. Jas leaves the Night Market at 11 PM to go home.

3. Winter 18 (Annual clinic visit schedule)

Jas pays an annual visit to the clinic, like other villagers, to receive check-ups from Dr. Harvey.

Stardew Valley - Jas

On this day, she goes to Harvey’s Clinic at 10:30 AM, and the check-up is finished by 4 PM. At this time, she goes home and sleeps in her bed at 8 PM.

4. Raining

During rainy days, Jas prefers to stay indoors, starting her day at 9 AM. She stands at Marnie’s shop by 11 AM and goes to the fireplace to read at 3 PM. She goes to sleep at 9 PM.

Regular Schedule

Jas maintains a consistent schedule on most days. During the mornings of these days, Jas can be found playing outside.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Jas and Vincent go to the Museum with Penny at 9 AM. They study or play outside until around 4 PM when they go home.

Stardew Valley - Jas opening gift

Throughout the Summer season, Jas spends her afternoons at the Beach, basking in the warm sun while jump roping. This summer routine adds a touch of seasonal authenticity to the game [1].

Gifts for Jas

Gifts that Jas Loves

Gifts that Jas Likes

Stardew Valley - Jas grateful for gift

Neutral Gifts for Jas

These gifts do not elicit strong reactions from Jas but are still accepted with gratitude:

Gifts that Jas Dislikes

Stardew Valley - Jas and friend

Gifts that Jas Hates


Mastering Stardew Valley means understanding each character’s unique personalities and preferences, and Jas is no exception. 

By familiarizing yourself with Jas’ schedule, preferred gifts, favorite movies and concessions, heart events, quotes, and trivia, you can build a strong bond with this spirited young girl. So, embrace the joy of friendship with Jas in the world of Stardew Valley! 

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