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Unveiling the Secrets: How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers numerous avenues for players to earn money, and understanding the value of high-selling items is crucial.

Truffle Oil, an Artisan Good, holds significant potential for profitability. In this guide, we will explore the world of Truffle Oil production, including its creation process, selling price, and the importance of the Artisan Profession.

What is Truffle Oil?

Truffle Oil is a highly sought-after commodity in Stardew Valley, commanding a premium price in the market. Creating Truffle Oil involves using an Oil Maker to convert a Truffle into this valuable liquid.

Purchasing a Pig for Truffle Oil

To acquire Truffles, players need to raise pigs on their farms. Pigs require a Deluxe Barn to live in, which unlocks the ability to purchase and house them. The Deluxe Barn can be obtained by upgrading the Big Barn through Robin’s construction services.

A Barn can be constructed with 350x Wood, 150x Stone, and 6,000g. Upgrading the barn involves gathering 450x Wood, 200x Stone, and 12,000g for a Big Barn Upgrade, followed by 550x Wood, 300x Stone, and 25,000g for the Deluxe Barn to house Pigs.

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Gathering Truffles

Once pigs have matured, players can release them outside to wander and search for truffles. Pigs possess a natural talent for sniffing out these prized fungi and will dig them up while roaming on dirt on the farm.

The number and quality of Truffles obtained depend on the pigs’ happiness and chosen professions. Thoroughly contented and max happiness level pigs will yield an average of three Truffles per day. 

It is important to note that collecting Truffle is limited to seasons other than Winter and rainy days. Pigs will remain indoors and resume Truffle foraging in the spring during these periods.

Using an Oil Maker

At Farming Level 8, players can unlock the recipe for an Oil maker, an essential Artisan Equipment for producing Truffle Oil. This device requires 50x Slimes, 20x Hardwood, and 1x Gold Bar. Once crafted, the Oil Maker can be placed anywhere on the farm.

To create Truffle Oil, players need to interact with the Oil Maker while holding a truffle. The machine will take approximately six in-game hours to convert one Truffle into Truffle Oil. Crafting multiple Oil Makers is advisable to streamline the production process and maximize efficiency.

making truffle oil using oil maker

Truffle Quality and Prices

The quality of Truffles plays a significant role in determining their selling price. Regular Truffles sell for 625g.

Silver-quality Truffles sell for 781g while Gold-quality Truffles command a higher price of 937g. The highly coveted Iridium-quality Truffles can be sold for a whopping 1,250g. It allows players to generate substantial profits by selling high-quality Truffles directly, even without an Oil Maker.

As for truffle Oil, players can sell Truffle Oil for an even higher price with the Artisan Profession, making it a lucrative option for maximizing profits. With the Artisan Profession, the selling price of Truffle Oil receives a 40% boost, significantly increasing profits.

A standard Truffle Oil sells for 1,065g, but with the Artisan Profession, it can fetch 1,491g. Notably, the quality of the Truffle itself does not affect the Truffle Oil price.

Other Uses and Benefits of Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil serves additional purposes in Stardew Valley beyond its monetary value. For the Mayor’s Need Quest, players must deliver one Truffle Oil to Mayor Lewis in exchange for 750g and a friendship heart with him.

getting truffle oil stardew valley

Moreover, Truffle Oil can be donated to the Community Center to complete the Artisan Bundle in the Community Center Pantry. Players can also utilize 1x Truffle Oil, 1x Hardwood [1], and 1x Pine Tar upon reaching Foraging Level 9 to craft a Rain Totem, which summons rain for the following day.

Alternative Method: Selling Truffles

While Truffle Oil production is lucrative, players can still generate substantial income by selling Truffles directly. Players can accumulate numerous high-quality Truffles by focusing on pig care and selecting the Botanist profession, which ensures foraged items are of Iridium quality.


Mastering the art of Truffle Oil production in Stardew Valley presents players with a pathway to increased profits and versatility.

Players can convert Truffles into Truffle Oil by purchasing pigs, gathering Truffles, and utilizing an oil maker, significantly raising their market value. Understanding the Truffle Oil-making process and its various uses and benefits will empower players.

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