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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Add Mods to Stardew Valley and Enhance Your Farming Adventure

Stardew Valley is a beloved RPG that offers an immersive farming experience. While the base game is delightful, mods can elevate your gameplay to new heights, providing additional features, fixes, and customization options. This guide will walk you through installing mods using SMAPI.

Installing SMAPI

Before diving into the world of mods, you’ll need to set up SMAPI, a modded client that enables the installation and management of mods.

1. Run Stardew Valley

Launch the game once to complete the initial setup.

2. Launch the game once to complete the initial setup.

Visit the official SMAPI website and acquire the appropriate version for your operating system.

3. Extract the .zip file

Choose a location to extract the SMAPI files besides the game’s main folder.

Stardew Valley - extract ZIP file

4. Install SMAPI

Double-click the installation file and follow the instructions specific to your operating system.

Configuring SMAPI with Game Launch Clients

To seamlessly launch the game with mods, you must link SMAPI with your preferred launch client, such as Steam or the Xbox App.

Linking SMAPI with Steam

Linking SMAPI with Consoles

Installing Mods

Now that SMAPI for Stardew valley is set up and linked with your game launch client, it’s time to install mods and enrich your Stardew Valley experience.

Stardew Valley - extract SMAPI

Finding Stardew Valley mods

Downloading mods & ensuring dependencies

Locating the Stardew Valley folder

Opening the /mods folder

Extracting mods to the /mods folder

Stardew Valley - move MODS file

Uninstalling Mods

If you ever wish to remove a mod, uninstalling is simple.

Delete the mod folder:

Preparing Stardew Valley for Mods on Android

Android users can also enjoy modded Stardew Valley. Before installing mods, some preparation is necessary.

Launching & closing Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - launch game successfully

Running SMAPI on Android

Android users can install SMAPI to enable mod support on their devices.

Downloading the SMAPI Android Installer APK file

Visit the SMAPI website and download the specified version compatible with Android.

Installing SMAPI

Updating SMAPI

After installation, keep SMAPI updated by following and installing the latest SMAPI APK from the official website. Installing a newer version will automatically replace the old one.

Verifying the installation

Launch Stardew Valley through SMAPI to ensure everything is working correctly.

Stardew Valley - launch game

Installing Mods for Stardew Valley on Android

With SMAPI installed on Android, you can add mods to your mobile Stardew Valley experience.

Tapping the Nexus button:

Browse and download mods from different sources, like Nexus Mods, ModDrop, Chucklefish Mods, Official Forums, and Chucklefish Forums.

Moving downloaded mods to the Mods Folder:

Locate the Mods Folder within the Stardew Valley directory on your Android device.

Extracting the zipped mod into the Mods folder:

Move the downloaded mod files and extract them into the mods folder.

Stardew Valley - mods folder

Restarting SMAPI & checking the mod's appearance:

Restart SMAPI and access the Config tab to ensure the installed mod appears correctly.


With the help of SMAPI and the wide array of mods available, you can take your Stardew Valley experience to new heights. 

By following the installation process outlined in this guide, you can unlock endless possibilities for customization and enjoy an enhanced and personalized farming adventure. 

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