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Goblin Menace Unleashed: Stardew Valley’s Goblin Problem

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, offers players a rich and immersive world. Among the many quests available, the Goblin Problem quest stands out as a captivating adventure that unlocks exciting post-game content. 

In this article, we will delve into the details of this quest and its requirements and provide a comprehensive guide to completing it successfully.

Overview of the Goblin Problem Quest in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s Goblin Problem quest presents players with a unique challenge, requiring them to investigate and resolve mysterious events related to mischievous goblins. 

As players progress through this questline, they will uncover hidden secrets and gain access to valuable rewards. Completing the Goblin Problem quest is an exciting endeavor and a gateway to unlocking post-game content, making it a must-do for avid Stardew Valley players.

Goblin Problem Quest Requirements

Before embarking on the Goblin Problem quest, specific prerequisites must be met. These requirements test the player’s progress and dedication and ensure they have a solid foundation to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Stardew Valley - Goblin Problem

To undertake the Goblin Problem quest, players must demonstrate their commitment to the community by completing all the Community Center bundles or JojaMart Community Development Projects. 

This accomplishment signifies that players have successfully contributed to the overall development and improvement of Stardew Valley. It showcases their ability to manage resources, interact with the townspeople, and meet the demands of various tasks. 

Moreover, by completing these tasks, players gain a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and progression, making them well-prepared for the challenges and complexities of the Goblin Problem questline.

Completing Community Center bundles involves fulfilling specific requirements, such as foraging. Each bundle contributes to the restoration of the Community Center, an essential hub for the townspeople of Stardew Valley.  

Alternatively, players can join JojaMart, a corporate entity providing an alternative path to progress in the game. 

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Stardew Valley - Joja Mart

By fulfilling JojaMart tasks, players contribute to the expansion and development of the Joja Corporation, showcasing their proficiency in meeting corporate objectives.

In addition to completing the Community Center bundles or JojaMart tasks, players must familiarize themselves with the location of the railroad area in Stardew Valley. 

The railroad area can be found near the mine entrance at the northernmost part of the map. This area is crucial in progressing through the Goblin Problem questline.

The minecarts allow players to traverse long distances efficiently, making it easier to complete tasks and explore new regions. By familiarizing themselves with the location of the railroad area, players gain a strategic advantage. 

They can efficiently navigate the vast expanse of Stardew Valley, utilize the minecart system for quick travel, and easily access critical locations and characters tied to the Goblin Problem questline.

Stardew Valley - mine cart

It showcases their dedication, progress, and understanding of Stardew Valley’s mechanics, setting the stage for an immersive and rewarding quest line. 

Entering this area will trigger a cutscene with the Wizard, initiating the quest “Dark Talisman,” a prerequisite to the “Goblin Problem” quest.

How to Complete the Dark Talisman Quest

The Goblin Problem quest involves a quest known as the Dark Talisman quest. Wizard will ask the player to retrieve Magic Ink from his ex-wife, The Witch’s Hut. However, to access the area, a Dark Talisman is needed. 

To begin this quest, players must obtain the Rusty Key, which unlocks the sewers in Stardew Valley. Krobus will provide access to the Mutant Bug Lair for this quest. Navigating the Mutant Bug Lair will lead to acquiring the coveted Dark Talisman.

Obtaining the Rusty Key to unlock the sewers

Players must donate 60 artifacts or minerals to the museum to obtain the Rusty Key. This milestone demonstrates their dedication to cataloging the history and natural wonders of Stardew Valley. 

obtaining rusty key stardew valley

Once this requirement is fulfilled, Gunther, the curator, will reward the player with the Rusty Key, enabling access to The Sewers.

Talking to Krobus in the sewers to access the Mutant Bug Lair

With the Rusty Key, players can venture into the sewers, an underground area teeming with secrets and unique encounters. Deep within the sewers, players will come across Krobus, a shadowy creature who acts as a merchant and guide. 

Interacting with Krobus reveals the existence of the Mutant Bug Lair, a hidden chamber that harbors formidable enemies and valuable treasures.

Defeating enemies in the Mutant Bug Lair to obtain the Dark Talisman

Entering the Mutant Bug Lair, players face challenging enemies that guard the Dark Talisman. Armed with their skills, weapons, and strategies, players must overcome these foes to progress further in the Goblin Problem questline. 

Stardew Valley - mutant bug lair

After successfully retrieving the Dark Talisman, a significant step towards resolving the goblin mystery, the Goblin Problem quest will begin.

How to Complete the Goblin Problem Quest

Upon acquiring the Dark Talisman, players will encounter the Goblin Henchman outside the Witch’s Hut, initiating the Goblin Problem questline. 

The Goblin Henchman is the player’s primary contact in uncovering the secrets surrounding the goblin presence in Stardew Valley. Engaging in conversation with the Goblin Henchman reveals crucial information that propels the quest forward.

Players must search for clues in the lost book titled ‘Goblins’ by M. Jasper to gain deeper insights into goblin behavior and motivations. This book is scattered across Stardew Valley, hidden in various locations. 

Players must diligently explore the world, interacting with NPCs and exploring different areas to uncover these valuable clues. Piecing together the information from the book is vital for progressing in the Goblin Problem quest.

Stardew Valley - taking void mayonnaise

In their quest to resolve the Goblin Problem, players must obtain Void Mayonnaise, a unique item required to persuade the Goblin Henchman to relocate. There are two methods for acquiring Void Mayonnaise:

1. Using a Mayonnaise Machine with a Void Egg

To create Void Mayonnaise, players must first acquire a Mayonnaise Machine, which can be purchased from JojaMart or crafted using 15x Wood, 15x Stone, 1x Earth Crystal, and 1x Copper Bar at Farming Level 2. 

Once the Mayonnaise Machine is obtained, players can place a Void Egg, obtained from Void Chickens, into the machine to produce Void Mayonnaise. The Void Egg can be obtained by incubating a Void Egg in a Big or Deluxe Coop incubator.

2. Fishing for Void Mayonnaise near the Witch's Hut

For players who prefer an alternative method, fishing near the Witch’s Hut offers a chance to catch Void Mayonnaise. Players can reel in this rare and valuable catch by casting their line into the nearby waters. 

Stardew Valley - witch's hut

Fishing skills and patience will be essential for successfully obtaining Void Mayonnaise using this method.

Completion Rewards in Stardew Valley

Wizard Buildings that can be added to the farm

Completing the Goblin Problem quest unlocks adding Wizard Buildings to the player’s farm. These unique structures from the Wizard’s Tower provide additional customization options and offer practical benefits to enhance the farm’s productivity. 

Players can choose from beautiful buildings that suit their aesthetic preferences and gameplay needs, such as Obelisks or a Junimo Hut.

Dark Shrines are found inside the Witch's Hut with unique effects

Exploring deeper into the Witch’s Hut after completing the Goblin Problem quest reveals Dark Shrines with intriguing and powerful impact. 

Stardew Valley - dark shrine

Interacting with these Dark Shrines allows players to modify certain aspects of their gameplay experience, adding depth and further customization possibilities to their Stardew Valley journey.


The Goblin Problem quest in Stardew Valley presents players with an engaging and rewarding adventure. Players unlock valuable post-game content [1] by completing this questline, discovering new areas, uncovering secrets, and acquiring unique rewards. 

The journey to resolve the Goblin Problem goes beyond farming, encouraging players to explore various activities and mysteries. Embrace the in-game quest, and enjoy the rewards. Happy farming, and may your harvest be plentiful!

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