Stardew Valley- Give the dragon his last meal Stardew Valley

Give The Sand Dragon His Last Meal Quest — Your Quick Guide

“Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal” is a unique and intriguing quest found in the popular farming simulation game, Stardew Valley.  Completing this quest not only provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment but also unlocks valuable rewards and new areas to explore. 

Thus, we will delve into the details of the quest, exploring its challenges, rewards, and the strategies players can employ to successfully complete it. 

How To Give The Sand Dragon His Final Meal

If you’re looking to complete this quest in Stardew Valley, it is important to have already met the requirements to access Calico Desert.  Once you have access to Calico Desert, you can find a locked box in the Bus Tunnel. There, you’ll receive a note that will ask you to place a Rainbow Shell that’s found in the Train Platform Box located at the Calico Desert Train Station.

Then you’ll receive another note from Mr. Qi, asking you to fill Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator with 10 Beets. If you’ve already grown and harvested Beets, you can simply place them in the refrigerator to complete this step of the quest.

However, if you haven’t planted any Beets yet, you’ll need to purchase Beet seeds from Sandy found in the Oasis. Keep in mind that Beets only bloom during the Fall season, so you’ll need to wait until the appropriate time to plant them. Once you have harvested 10 Beets, place them in Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator to complete this step of the quest.

Stardew Valley- Give the dragon his last meal

After successfully filling Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator with 10 Beets, Mr. Qi will give you one final task to complete: feeding the sand dragon its last meal. To do this, head to Calico Desert, Southwest, where you’ll find a massive skeleton of a dragon. 

Approach the dragon’s skull and feed it using a Solar Essence. Solar Essences can be obtained by defeating Ghosts in the mines or by crafting them using 1 Hardwood and 1 Fire Quartz.

Once you’ve fed the dragon its last meal, Mr. Qi will send you one final note, instructing you to check out the woodpile at your home. 

There, you’ll find a Club Card, which grants you a pass to the back room of Sandy’s shop in Calico Desert. The back room contains a variety of rare and valuable items for sale, so be sure to take advantage of this new opportunity.

Congratulations on completing the “Give the Dragon His Last Meal” quest in Stardew Valley!

Wrapping Up

Completing the “Give the Sand Dragon His Last Meal” quest in Stardew Valley is not necessary to progress through the game or achieve the ultimate goal of restoring your grandfather’s old farm. However, completing this quest does provide valuable rewards.

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