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How to Defeat Hunt: Showdown’s Spider Boss

In this article, we will delve into the details of the Spider, its abilities, and strategies for taking it down, as well as explore the overall gameplay mechanics and features of Hunt: Showdown. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, this discussion is sure to provide valuable insights and tips for mastering the hunt and emerging victorious in the world of Hunt: Showdown. 

Spider Boss’ Description

The Spider is known for its speed, agility, and deadly attacks. It is a large arachnid with multiple legs, a black exoskeleton, and a red hourglass-shaped marking on its abdomen. 

Its movements are quick and unpredictable, making it difficult to hit with ranged weapons, and it can quickly close the gap with its prey by crawling up walls and across ceilings.

The Spider has several deadly attacks that it can use to take down its prey. It can launch a venomous projectile from its mouth that can deal significant damage and poison its targets. It can also spit a web-like substance that can slow down hunters and make them easier targets. 

Spider boss shows up

In close combat, the Spider can swipe with its legs, causing significant damage to anyone caught in its path. Additionally, the Spider can also lay eggs that will hatch into smaller spiderlings that will attack any hunters that get too close. 

Spider Boss’ Weaknesses

Explosives can indeed be very effective against the Spider, especially if players aim for its head. A well-placed dynamite bundle can take down the Spider with a single hit, making it an excellent option for hunters who want to take down the boss quickly.

The Spider is indeed vulnerable to blunt damage, which makes weapons like dusters, sledgehammers, and shovels very effective against it. These weapons can deal extra damage to the Spider and help hunters take down the boss more quickly. Fire is also a great way to deal additional damage to the Spider. 

Lanterns, flare guns, and fire rounds can all be used to light the Spider on fire and deal continuous damage over time. Tossing a lantern on the ground and lighting the area around the Spider can be especially effective, as the boss will take damage even when it retreats while burning.

The flaregun shot

How To Counter The Spider

One of the best ways to avoid getting hit by the Spider is to keep moving around its lair and staying out of its line of sight. This can make it more difficult for the Spider to hit hunters with its venomous projectile or swipe with its legs.

Another important thing to keep in mind when fighting the Spider is to be aware of its screeching attack. When the Spider screeches, it means it’s about to jump on the hunter, which can deal significant damage and knock them to the ground.

Utilize Melee Weapons

The sledgehammer is a particularly effective melee weapon against the Spider, as it can deal heavy damage with just a few hits. 

The bomb lance is another great option, as it can deal significant damage from a distance and can be used to hit the Spider even when it’s climbing up walls or across ceilings.

However, fighting at close range can be very risky, and hunters must be prepared to heal themselves quickly if they take damage. 

In every video game [1], it’s important to have healing items like medkits and vitality shots on hand. Particularly, in Hunt: Showdown, you need to be aware of the Spider’s movements and attacks to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Utilize Pistols With Fanning

The Fanning trait can be a very effective tool for taking down the Spider, especially when used in combination with a powerful single pistol. 

By increasing the fire rate of single pistol shots, hunters can quickly land multiple headshots on the Spider, which can help trigger its frenzy mode and deal significant damage.

How To Defeat The Spider

To defeat the Spider in Hunt: Showdown, hunters can use a variety of strategies and weapons. The sledgehammer and shovel are effective melee weapons that deal heavy blunt damage, while the Knuckle Knife is a fast weapon that can interrupt the Spider’s attacks. 

Flame rounds are also effective, as they deal extra fire damage that the Spider is vulnerable to.

Coordinating attacks with a fellow hunter can make it easier to stun the Spider and create openings for damage. During the Spider’s frenzy mode, leaving the boss room can be a smart strategy to avoid trading damage and taking unnecessary hits. 

Like in the Hunt: Showdown’s Butcher, by using these strategies and weapons effectively, hunters can defeat the Spider and emerge victorious in the game.

Spider boss close encounter

More Strategies To Get A Kill

Wrapping Up

It’s important to remember that the Spider is a formidable opponent, and you may need to adapt your strategies based on the situation. By staying alert, communicating effectively with your team, and being persistent, however, you can overcome the challenges posed by the Spider in the game. 

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