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Which Combat is Better in Stardew Valley, Fighter or Scout?

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, offers more than just tending to crops and raising livestock. Engaging in combat is a crucial aspect of the game, requiring players to choose between two distinct professions: Fighter and Scout. 

In this article, we will explore the advantages and characteristics of each profession, providing valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. 

Fighter or Scout: Which is Better?

To determine the better profession in Stardew Valley, we must compare the Fighter and Scout professions in their respective advantages and playstyles.

Stardew Valley- fighter or scout

Fighter's Advantages

The Fighter profession grants a flat 10% increase in damage dealt and an additional 15 health points. 

This bonus damage boost significantly enhances your combat effectiveness, allowing you to defeat enemies more quickly. The health bonus can also be a lifesaver in challenging battles, providing extra survivability.

Scout's Advantages

On the other hand, the Scout profession offers a remarkable advantage in the form of a 50% increased critical strike chance. 

Critical strikes deal double damage, making them highly desirable for players who enjoy the thrill of high-risk, high-reward combat strategies. You have a higher chance of dealing devastating blows to your foes with the Scout profession.

Profession Comparison

When considering which Stardew Valley’s profession is generally considered better, it ultimately comes down to personal playstyle preferences. 

Stardew Valley - farming with galaxy sword

If you prefer a more straightforward approach focused on consistent damage output and survivability, the Fighter profession is the way to go. 

However, if you enjoy the excitement of occasionally delivering powerful critical strikes, the Scout profession offers a more thrilling combat experience.

Fighter Profession in Detail

Delving deeper into the Fighter profession, let’s explore its unique bonuses and specialization options.

Fighter's Bonuses in Stardew Valley

As a Fighter, you benefit from a flat 10% damage increase, making your attacks more potent. The +15 Health bonus also provides increased survivability, ensuring you can withstand enemy assaults and continue fighting.

Health Bonus in Combat

The additional health points granted by the Fighter profession can be a game-changer. It allows you to endure more hits and stay in combat longer, increasing your chances of victory. 

Stardew Valley - mining for ruby

This bonus is beneficial when facing challenging enemies or exploring dangerous parts of the map.

Specializations at Level 10: Brute and Defender

Upon reaching level 10, Fighters can choose between two specializations: Brute and Defender. The Brute specialization focuses on further increasing damage output, providing an additional 15% damage bonus. 

The Defender specialization, on the other hand, enhances the Fighter’s tanking capabilities by supplementing the player’s health points by 25. 

While the Defender specialization can appeal for its defensive benefits, the Brute profession is generally recommended for players seeking to maximize damage output.

Stardew Valley - fighting monster with galaxy sword

Table 1: Comparison of Fighter Specializations in Stardew Valley

Specialization Damage Bonus Additional Health Points
Brute 0.15 N/A
Defender N/A 25

Scout Profession in Detail

Now let’s focus on the Scout profession and examine its unique characteristics and specialization options.

Scout's Bonus in Stardew Valley

Choosing the Scout profession grants a remarkable 50% increased critical strike chance. It means that half of your attacks have the potential to deal double damage, creating thrilling moments of intense combat. 

The Scout profession is perfect for players who enjoy the excitement of unpredictable and high-impact critical strikes.

Critical Hit-Focused Build

Stardew Valley - serpent

If you pursue a critical hit-focused build, you must complement your choice with appropriate equipment and abilities. 

Equipping weapons and accessories that increase critical strike chance or critical strike damage will synergize well with the Scout profession, amplifying your damage potential.

Specializations at Level 10: Acrobat and Desperado

At level 10, Scouts can choose between two specializations: Acrobat and Desperado. The Acrobat specialization decreases special move cooldowns, significantly increasing your survivability and damage output.

On the other hand, the Desperado specialization enhances your critical strike damage by an additional 50%. Choosing between these specializations largely depends on whether you prefer a more flashy playstyle or desire to maximize critical strike damage.

Stardew Valley - unlocking sewer

Table 2: Comparison of Scout Specializations

SpecializationCritical Strike Damage BonusSpecial Moves Cooldown
Desperado2x Critical Strike DamageN/A

Comprehensive Guide to Combat Skills in Stardew Valley

To become a true combat expert in Stardew Valley, developing your combat skills is essential. This section provides a comprehensive guide to the combat system, including an overview of leveling up, and abilities that can aid you in your battles.

Let’s explore the various skill levels and the valuable insights they offer to optimize your combat effectiveness.

Stardew Valley - mining copper ore

Table 3: Combat Skills and Level-Up Bonuses in Stardew Valley

Skill Level Bonuses
Level 1 Crafting: Sturdy Ring, Bug steak
Level 2 Crafting: Life Elixir
Level 3 Cooking: Roots Platter
Level 4 Crafting: Warrior Ring
Level 5 Fighter or Scout Profession
Level 6 Crafting: Slime Egg-Press, Oil of Garlic
Level 7 Crafting: Ring of Yoba, Thorns Ring
Level 8 Crafting: Slime Incubator, Explosive Ammo
Level 9 Crafting: Iridium Band
Cooking: Squid Ink Ravioli
Level 10 Fighter: Brute/ Defender
Scout: Acrobat/ Desperado


Stardew Valley offers a rich combat experience with the Fighter and Scout professions. The Fighter excels in consistent damage output and survivability, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer a straightforward approach. 

On the other hand, the Scout specializes in delivering thrilling critical strikes, providing exciting high-risk, high-reward gameplay [1]. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each profession, you can make an informed decision based on your playstyle preferences.

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