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Dress to Impress: A Guide on Stardew Valley Clothes

As players cultivate their farms and interact with the vibrant community of Pelican Town in Stardew Valley, they also have the opportunity to express themselves through a wide array of clothing options. 

Stardew Valley offers a diverse range of fashion choices for players to customize their characters, from hats to shirts, pants to rings, and even footwear. In this article, we will delve into the different clothing categories, explore how to obtain them, and highlight some of the game’s coolest and most unique clothing items.

Cosmetic Clothing Items

One of the primary categories of clothing in Stardew Valley is purely cosmetic items. Hats, shirts, and pants fall into this category, allowing players to personalize their characters’ appearances. 

These items can be unlocked through achievements or by sewing them using a sewing machine, a specific item, and cloth.

Stardew Valley - tailoring clothes


Hats are purely cosmetic and serve as a way to accessorize your character. From trendy caps to quirky headpieces, hats can add flair and uniqueness to your appearance. Whether you prefer a classic farmer’s cap or a whimsical wizard’s hat, the hat category offers various options.


Shirts are another cosmetic category that allows you to personalize your character’s upper body attire. With choices ranging from casual t-shirts to formal blouses, shirts offer a chance to reflect your character’s style and taste.

Whether you want to don a colorful Hawaiian shirt or a cozy sweater, shirts provide countless possibilities for customization.


Just like shirts, pants in Stardew Valley are purely cosmetic and provide options for dressing up your character’s lower body. 

Whether you prefer jeans for a rugged look, skirts, shorts, or stylish trousers for a more polished appearance, pants allow you to complete your desired outfit and showcase your fashion.

Stardew Valley Ginger Island Hats

Clothing Items with Passive Benefits

Apart from purely cosmetic clothing, Stardew Valley also has items with passive benefits available when the player wears them.


Rings, which provide passive benefits to the player. Rings can be equipped on the character’s finger and offer various bonuses, such as increased weapon damage, defense, magnetism, and even lighting when it’s dark.

Rings are even more exciting because players can equip two rings simultaneously, allowing for unique combinations and strategic gameplay. 

Whether you’re seeking to boost your combat abilities, increase your farming efficiency, or enhance your luck, rings offer a versatile and customizable way to improve your character’s capabilities.

Stardew Valley Dye Clothes


Footwear is another important aspect of clothing in Stardew Valley. Different footwear options affect your character’s stats and are visible on the character model, adding a touch of style to your overall appearance.

From basic sneakers to stylish boots, players can choose footwear that complements their preferred playstyle and aesthetic. 

Some footwear options offer additional perks like increased movement speed or immunity. So, whether you’re tending to your crops or exploring the mines, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference.

Obtaining Clothing Items

In Stardew Valley, obtaining clothing items can be an adventure in itself. There are several ways to acquire new garments and accessories:

museum map stardew valley


Some clothing items can be discovered while exploring the world. You might stumble upon a hat or a rare shirt hidden in a treasure chest, dropped by a defeated monster, or as a reward for completing specific quests. 

Watch for hidden surprises as you explore Pelican Town and beyond.


Clothing items can also be purchased from various in-game shops. The Hats Shop at Cindersap Forest and festival stalls manned by Pierre during events are where players can find a rotating selection of clothing items for sale. 

Save your hard-earned money and treat yourself to a new outfit or accessory in your farming endeavors.


Participating in festivals and events can present opportunities to win unique clothing items as prizes. These exclusive garments are often themed to match the occasion and serve as a memento of your victory.

Stardew Valley - fall fair

Make sure to join in the festivities and test your skills for a chance to win something special.

Highlighting the Coolest Clothing Items

While Stardew Valley offers many clothing options, some stand out for their rarity, unique appearance, or sheer creativity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the game’s coolest and most sought-after clothing items.

Golden Mask

The Golden Mask is both an artifact and accessory that symbolizes opulence and catches the eye with its exquisite design. To obtain the Golden Mask, players must find a real Golden Mask relic and use it on the Sewing Machine, transforming it into a wearable fashion statement.

Dinosaur Hat

For those seeking a touch of prehistoric fashion, the Dinosaur Hat is an adorable choice. Crafted using a Dinosaur Egg in the Sewing Machine, this hat allows players to embrace their love for all things ancient while looking absolutely charming.

Stardew Valley - character wearing hat

Midnight Dog Jacket

The Midnight Dog Jacket fits the bill if you’re looking for a unique and stylish jacket. With its gold buttons and sleek design, it adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Crafted with Squid Ink in the Sewing Machine, this jacket is a must-have for fashion-forward farmers.

Trash Can Shirt and Garbage Hat

For those with a sense of humor, the Trash Can Shirt and Garbage Hat offer a goofy and trash-themed ensemble. 

The Trash Can Shirt can be tailored using Cloth and specific items like Broken CDs or Trash, while the Garbage Hat has a slim chance (0.2%) of being found in garbage cans. Embrace your inner jester and rock this lighthearted outfit.

Dark Bandana Shirt

The Dark Bandana Shirt is a horror-themed delight, perfect for those who want to embrace the darker side of fashion. 

Stardew Valley Clothing Adjustments

Crafted using Cloth and a Truffle or Truffle Oil in the Sewing Machine, this shirt offers a spooky aesthetic with the added bonus of being dyeable, allowing players to customize its color.

Blobfish Mask

For a drastic appearance change, the Blobfish Mask is a showstopper. Catch a blobfish and combine it with Cloth in the Sewing Machine to transform it into this unique, attention-grabbing mask.

Pumpkin Mask

Looking for something festive? The Pumpkin Mask is a perfect choice. Crafted with Cloth and a Jack-O-Lantern in the Sewing Machine, this mask transforms your character’s head into a pumpkin, adding a whimsical touch to your seasonal celebrations.

Radioactive Goggles

If you’re after a quirky accessory, the Radioactive Goggles fit the bill. Despite lacking radiation protection, these goggles add a whimsical and adventurous flair to your character’s look. 

Combine Cloth and a Radioactive Bar in the Sewing Machine to create this eye-catching accessory.

Prismatic Clothes

Stardew Valley - holding prismatic shard

For those who appreciate the surprise of clothing, the Prismatic Clothes are a must-have. Players can create one out of five clothing items by using rare Prismatic Shards and Cloth in the Sewing Machine, ensuring a fun sewing experience. 

Note that clothes made out of Prismatic Shards on the sewing machine cannot be dyed, unlike other clothing.

Overview of Making Clothes in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley allows players to express their style and individuality through clothing. With the introduction of the sewing machine, you can create unique outfits and make a fashion statement in the virtual world.

Importance of Choosing an Outfit at the Beginning

While it may seem trivial, selecting an outfit at the beginning of your Stardew Valley journey sets the tone for your character and can impact how the villagers perceive you. 

The right attire can enhance your confidence and improve relationships with others in the game. For tips, here’s a list of the best outfit ideas in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Emily House

Unlocking the Sewing Machine in Emily and Haley's House

Requirements for unlocking

You must establish a friendship with Emily and Haley to unlock the sewing machine. Interacting with them regularly and completing quests or favors for them will gradually unlock access to their house.

Obtaining cloth and creating a loom

Cloth is a crucial material for using the sewing machine. You can obtain it by raising sheep or rabbits for woo. Construct a loom using 60x Wood, 30x Fiber, and 1x Pine Tar at Farming Level 7 to create cloth.

Place the loom in your home or another convenient location, then put the wool on it to become Cloth after four in-game hours.

Stardew Valley Cloth

Upgrading the barn and coop to get wool

Upgrade your barn or coop to its deluxe variants to obtain wool for making cloth. These upgrades provide shelter for sheep or rabbits, which produce wool over time.

Take good care of your sheep and rabbits by feeding, petting them regularly, and ensuring they have access to fresh grass and the outdoors.

Getting the sewing machine from Emily

Access to the sewing machine at Emily and Haley’s house is started after receiving Cloth and a cutscene where Emily tells you about their sewing machine at home. Dye pots are also available at their residence.

However, Emily’s special order must be completed to obtain her sewing machine. Afterward, she will gift you the sewing machine through the mail. This generous gesture opens up endless possibilities for creating stylish clothing items.

Stardew Valley Emily Sewing Machine

Getting Your Own Sewing Machine

Completing Emily's special order

To obtain your own sewing machine, complete Emily’s order at the Special Orders board called “Rock Rejuvenation.” She will ask for 1x Ruby, 1x Topaz, 1x Emerald, 1x Jade, and 1x Amethyst. 

Fulfilling her request within seven days will earn you a sewing machine of your own, which she gives through the mail.

Placing the sewing machine on your farm

Once you have your sewing machine, find a suitable spot on your farm to place it. Consider accessibility and convenience, as you’ll be spending considerable time utilizing this valuable tool. 

Experiment with different combinations of items with cloth to discover different clothing available in the game.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machines


In Stardew Valley, clothing is more than just a superficial aspect of gameplay [1]. It allows players to express their creativity, personalize their characters, and gain practical benefits. With various categories, including hats, shirts, pants, rings, footwear, and various ways to obtain them, the game offers a vast selection of clothing options to satisfy every player’s fashion desires.

So, embrace your inner fashionista, explore the world of Pelican Town, and dress your character in a way that reflects your unique style. The possibilities are endless, and the fashion choices are yours to make!

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