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Sons of the Forest Ending, Explained

In Sons of the Forest, players find themselves on a cannibal-infested island, left to their own devices to survive and ultimately escape. However, what sets this game apart is its intriguing ending, which offers players multiple outcomes based on their decisions throughout the game. 

In this article, we will delve into the enigmatic world of Sons of the Forest, explaining the ending, how to reach it, and the various alternate endings that await players.

Sons of the Forest Story

One of the defining aspects of Sons of the Forest is its refusal to hold the player’s hand. From the moment they wake up on the island, players are left to fend for themselves and uncover the mysteries of the game on their own. 

While this adds to the sense of immersion and challenge, it also leads to confusion, especially when it comes to understanding the game’s ending. The lack of traditional storytelling and lore leaves players grappling with their own interpretations of the events that unfold.

How to Reach the Ending

Before embarking on your journey, it is crucial to collect specific items that will play a significant role in reaching the game’s ending. The following items are essential for your escape plan:

sons of forest


This vital piece of equipment allows you to breathe underwater, enabling you to explore underwater caves and passages safely.

Rope Gun

The Rope Gun helps you access otherwise unreachable locations by shooting ropes that allow you to climb cliffs and traverse gaps.


The Shovel comes in handy when you need to dig and unearth valuable items, including the Maintenance Keycard.

Maintenance Keycard

This keycard grants access to the VIP Bunker, a pivotal location in the game.

VIP Keycard

vip card sons of forest

Another keycard is required to open certain doors and progress further in the game.

Golden Armor

The Golden Armor is essential for facing the challenges in the VIP Bunker and the Golden Cube.

Steps on Obtaining Required Items

Now that you know what items you need, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of obtaining each one:

Rebreather and Rope Gun

Begin your journey by locating the Rebreather and Rope Gun caves, both of which are essential for exploration. The Rebreather cave can be found near the coast, while the Rope Gun cave is located on a small island off the main coast. 

Be cautious of cannibals in the area and plan your approach carefully.

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To obtain the Shovel, you’ll need to use the Rope Gun to reach a third cave. This cave is situated near the Rebreather cave and contains the Shovel. Once you have the Shovel, you can proceed to the next step.

Maintenance Keycard

Use the Shovel to dig at a specific spot near the Rope Gun cave, revealing the Maintenance Keycard. This keycard is essential for accessing the VIP Bunker later in the game.

VIP Keycard

Find the cave marked on your GPS closest to the Rebreather cave. Inside this cave, you’ll discover the VIP Keycard, another crucial item required for your escape.

Golden Armor

The Golden Armor, your final item, is located in a cave on the other side of the island. This cave is situated near a large lake with an entrance hidden behind the Maintenance Keycard door. Ensure you have the Maintenance Keycard before venturing to this location.

Your Path to the VIP Bunker and the Golden Cube

entrance to cube sons of forest

With all the necessary items in your possession, it’s time to make your way to the VIP Bunker and the Golden Cube, the key locations leading to the game’s ending:

VIP Bunker

The VIP Bunker can be accessed using the Maintenance Keycard. Once inside, you’ll encounter challenging enemies, so be prepared to defend yourself. 

Navigate through the underground facility until you reach the VIP living quarters, where you’ll find a golden door. Equip the Golden Armor and interact with the door to proceed.

Golden Cube

Upon entering the golden cube, you’ll experience a surreal sequence involving alternate realities and a countdown. Stay focused and make the right decisions to progress through the game’s ending.

sons of forest city

Theories on the Ending

Given the ambiguous nature of Sons of the Forest’s ending, numerous fan theories have emerged, attempting to decipher the meaning behind the events. 

One prevailing theory revolves around the golden cube’s connection to alternate dimensions and its role in transforming people into mutants. Players uncovering documents and books throughout the game provide hints about the existence of other realities, tying the game’s events to a cyberpunk [1] universe.

Fans also speculate that the protagonist encounters Tim and Eric LeBlanc, characters from the first game, during their journey. Clues like matching scars and dialogue implying a paternal relationship support this theory. 

These intriguing theories provide fertile ground for exploration and discussion, keeping players engaged and invested in the game’s narrative.

Alternate Endings

Sons of the Forest offers three distinct endings, with slight variations based on the player’s choices and the companions they bring along.

Fought Demons Ending

The “Fought Demons” ending is one of the paths that lead you to freedom from the haunted island. To achieve this ending, you must board the rescue helicopter and leave the island behind. 

Alongside you, Kelvin and two mysterious men will accompany you on your journey to civilization. While their identities may remain ambiguous, their presence adds an air of intrigue to the conclusion of the game.

Unlocks the "Fought Demons" achievement

This achievement recognizes your bravery and determination in overcoming the island’s horrors and successfully escaping with Kelvin and the two enigmatic figures. It marks the end of a challenging journey and a testament to your survival skills.

Fight Demons Ending

The “Fight Demons” ending presents an intriguing twist to your escape from the island. Instead of boarding the helicopter and bidding farewell to the treacherous landscape, you choose to stay behind. As the helicopter takes off without you, you find yourself stranded on the island, continuing your gameplay in this unforgiving environment.

Unlocks the "Fight Demons" achievement

By embracing this ending, you demonstrate a willingness to face the island’s dangers head-on, opting for a life of self-reliance and adventure. The “Fight Demons” achievement acknowledges your resilience and refusal to back down from the challenges the island presents.

Keep Your Friends Close Ending

The “Keep Your Friends Close” ending presents a touching and heartwarming conclusion to your journey in Sons of the Forest. To achieve this ending, you must befriend both Kelvin and Virginia throughout the game. 

As you make your way to the rescue helicopter, both companions join you in the golden cube sequence, witnessing the dimensional slip together.

sons of forest environment

Unlocks the "Keep Your Friends Close" achievement

This achievement in Sons of the Forest symbolizes the strength of your friendships and the importance of companionship in the face of adversity. 

By ensuring Kelvin and Virginia’s safety and forming a bond with them, you experience a rewarding ending that emphasizes the power of human connection.


Sons of the Forest offers a captivating and enigmatic journey for players, allowing them to shape their own destinies and uncover the island’s secrets. The various endings add replayability and depth to the experience, encouraging players to explore different paths and outcomes.

As players continue to unravel the mysteries of Sons of the Forest, they are reminded that the island holds many secrets yet to be discovered. At the same time, players are encouraged to embrace the unknown, make their choices wisely, and uncover the many wonders that await them in Sons of the Forest.

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