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Locations of Bunkers in Sons of the Forest — Unveiling the Mysteries

Survival horror finds its quintessential embodiment in “Sons of the Forest,” a game that thrusts players into a realm of darkness, danger, and discovery. In the heart of this survival odyssey lies the significance of bunker locations. 

These underground sanctuaries are more than just shelters; they are narrative vessels, treasure troves of survival necessities, and gateways to the climax of the game’s story. Here, we’ll unveil the locations of all the bunkers in the game and how they contribute to the game’s narrative.

The Hunt Begins: Discovering Bunker Locations

Venturing into the world of “Sons of the Forest” demands both courage and strategy. Armed with a shovel to unearth concealed entrances and fortified with weapons to face lurking dangers, players embark on a quest to unveil the mysteries of bunker locations. 

Sons of the Forest GPS locator

Navigating the sprawling island, players must not underestimate the perils that await. The distribution of bunkers across the terrain is strategic, challenging players to traverse treacherous landscapes and outwit adversaries. 

Strategic wisdom is essential, urging players to strategize their journey, sequence their explorations, and arm themselves with suitable weaponry before venturing into the unknown.

In-Depth Exploration of Bunkers in Sons of the Forest

As players plunge into the depths of each bunker, a world of mystery and intrigue unfurls. Each bunker has a unique identity, housing items that serve as both practical tools for survival and essential keys to unlocking the narrative’s enigma. 

A total of seven bunkers can be discovered on the game’s map. Let’s delve into the treasures concealed within the most pivotal bunkers:

Maintenance A Bunker

This subterranean haven, found near the river and beach, offers a lifeline of survival essentials, including a 3D printer, a firefighter axe, a laser sight attachment, and a Maintenance Keycard. 

Sons of the Forest Maintenace A Bunker

Beyond the utility, the Maintenance Keycard emerges as a narrative conduit, propelling players deeper into the story’s core.

Maintenance B Bunker

As players venture to the southwest reaches of the island at the airstrip, they encounter a bunker that bestows a bow, a silencer, and another 3D printer with resin. 

The acquisition of these items marks a turning point, granting players newfound versatility and a heightened sense of empowerment.

Maintenance C Bunker

This bunker, found on the northeastern fringes of the island, safeguards a revolver. While its value as a weapon is undeniable, its utility stretches further, embodying a piece of the narrative’s puzzle and forging connections between survival and storytelling.

Food and Dining Bunker

Beyond sustenance, this abandoned cave northwest houses a Food and Dining area. Inside its walls lie a crossbow and an eclectic assortment of items, each with a story to tell and a purpose to serve. 

Sons of the Forest Food and Dining Bunker

The bunker also has doors that require either a Maintenance Keycard, Guest Keycard, or VIP Keycard.

Entertainment or Guest Keycard Bunker

Playfulness meets utility as players stumble upon this bunker on the western side of the map, housing a 3D Printer, a chainsaw, and the Guest Keycard. 

The chainsaw, a dual-edged tool of amusement and combat, complements the keycard’s role in unlocking secrets and stories. The bunker is near the river basin of the helicopter crash.

Residential or Ruined Bunker

Amid heightened danger, the Ruined Bunker houses coveted treasures in the southeast: the Golden Mask and the Katana. These artifacts bear narrative significance and strategic utility, fueling the player’s journey and igniting the spark of curiosity. 

Sons of the Forest Residential or Ruined Bunker

Exploring this bunker leads players to encounter a door that requires a Maintenance Keycard.

Luxury or VIP Bunker

As the final, ultimate destination northeast, the VIP Bunker marks a point of no return at the beach. Here, you’ll find a bed, shotgun rail, and pajamas. The door leading to the Hell cave awaits, offering a fitting conclusion to the narrative while underscoring the journey’s gravitas.


In the enigmatic landscape of “Sons of the Forest,” bunker locations emerge as pivotal waypoints that enrich the gameplay experience [1]. They mirror the essence of survival horror – the interplay between vulnerability and empowerment, the tension of the unknown, and the thrill of discovery. 

Bunker locations serve as conduits that bridge survival, exploration, and storytelling, urging players to immerse themselves in the enigma that “Sons of the Forest” presents. The call to unlock secrets, embrace the suspense, and embark on an unforgettable journey resonates – an invitation to experience the game’s chilling charm firsthand.

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